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Breakfast is the first meal we take in our day. A healthy breakfast gives you energy throughout the day. It will boost your energy level.

“Take breakfast like a king, lunch like a Prince, and dinner like a Pauper.”

Most famous proverb tells the importance of the breakfast. We have also listened many time this suggestion that take your breakfast regularly to stay healthy. This question is obvious that why is breakfast so important to stay healthy? Here I am going to tell you the importance of eating breakfast daily. What are the pros and cons of eating the breakfast daily?

Why is breakfast so important to stay healthy

Why is Breakfast so Important to Stay Healthy?

Breakfast = Break + Fast

 We should first look at the meaning of the word itself. It means break your fast. After the dinner body have to adjust with that food for around 9-10 hours. Body goes in fast state at the time of sleeping. You don’t need that much energy at the time of sleeping, but when you wake up your body needs energy to make function all parts properly. That’s why the first food of the day is called the BreakFast.

Many nutritionists and doctor advice to take the breakfast within 2 hours of waking, also it should be healthy as much as possible. The calories you are taking with your breakfast are going to be used throughout the day.

Helps Brain to Function Properly

Why is Breakfast so Important

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A healthy breakfast in the morning helps your brain functioning. At the time of sleeping your body’s glucose level goes down. The breakfast make it level up, this is essential for your brain to work properly. It is not just fact, many studies shown that healthy breakfast improves the concentration level and memory, it is helpful in reducing the stress level. Children’s eating breakfast performs better in study and sports than the children’s those do not take breakfast. If you do not feel good throughout the day, it’s time to make a habit of taking breakfast.

Increases Fiber Level

An adult need 20 to 35 grams of fiber in a day. Breakfast is good way and time to take the sufficient amount of fiber. That’s why it is recommended that the whole grain food should be eaten in the breakfast.

Helps to Control Weight

In a study it is shown that the calories eaten in the morning consumes easily than calories taken in the day later. So when you take most of your calories that needs in a day in morning, you will not increase your weight. You can control your weight by just starting a healthy breakfast.

Creates a Healthy Heart

People eating breakfast have healthy heart than those who do not eat in the mornings. People who do not breakfast have 27% more chances to develop heart diseases than who do. If you skip your breakfast you are most likely to increase your weight. That will increase the sugar level and can create several heart problems.

These are pros of eating breakfast daily. If we talk about the cons of eating breakfast, then there are one or two. You may feel to release yourself in bathroom after eating breakfast. This maybe because you have eaten a rich carbs breakfast. Always, try to eat protein rich breakfast, don’t go high for carbs in morning.

Why it is important to have breakfast in the morning?

Few people ask me that why it important to have breakfast in the morning? Can I eat breakfast after 2 or 3 hours of waking? Well, my friend you can always have breakfast whenever you want, but it is not going to help you the way it should. It is really important to eat breakfast in the morning because you were fasting for whole night. It has 9 to 10 hours that you eat something. Your body needs nutrients in morning. This is why, it is important to have breakfast as wake up.

These are the benefits of taking breakfast. If your day starts so early and busy that you don’t eat breakfast. Then you are increasing the busyness more. Skipping breakfast make you impatient, less productive, decreased concentration and reduce your memory. So put your breakfast at the first task in your to do list, then start your day. You will be more productive and energized throughout the day.

“Stay Healthy – Stay Happy.”

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