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Cloves are the most medicated spices. There are so many health advantages of using cloves. If you are looking for a natural antibiotic medicine, then you should use cloves. It is being used to cure many diseases since long time.

It is used in many form, people use it as oil, powder and in dried form. It reduces pain, inflammation, diseases of stomach etc. Let’s see top 5 medicinal uses of cloves.

Top 5 Medicinal Uses of Cloves

Top 5 Medicinal Uses of ClovesImage Source

1. Toothache

Clove is very effective natural medicine to cure toothache. It is effective in reducing the pain of gums. Not only this, it also treats the cause of toothache. Powder or oil of cloves if applied directly to aching tooth, it reduces the pain and infection in gums.

To use clove in toothache you can apply its oil. Soak a cotton ball into the oil of cloves and put it directly to your aching tooth or gum. It will quickly reduce the pain.

2. Cold and Cough

Another medicinal uses of cloves is it used to cure cold and cough. Cloves are effective in reducing the cold and cough symptoms by reducing the infection. It is also effective in reducing the headache due to cold.

One or two pieces of cloves if chewed slowly can give you instant relief from cold and cough. To get further relief its tea is also used. A tea prepared with 6-8 cloves and ginger is very effective. To reduce the headache take cumin clove water steam. It helps in reducing the infection from throat by killing the germs.

3. Used to Treat Stomach Diseases

Clove is a natural medicine that is being used to treat stomach diseases like indigestion, gas, diarrhea.  It is good in improving your digestion. It boosts the digestive functions and removes gastric problems from stomach. It is also effective in stopping the vomiting. It corrects the infection in stomach and reduces the pain and vomiting.

To stop vomiting and other stomach diseases, it is used with honey. Licking fried cloves powder mixed with honey cure many stomach related diseases. See ancient tips to improve your digestion.

4. To Reduce Inflammation

Another medicinal uses of cloves is to reduce the inflammation. It has been seen that cloves has anti inflammatory property. It is possibly helpful in reducing the arthritis pain. Omega 3 fats, calcium and iron of clove are effective in providing strong joints and muscles.

To reduce the inflammation and get strong joints its oil is being massaged. Massage cloves oil to the paining arthritis joints. It will reduce the pain and give stronger joints.

5. Helpful in Sexual Health

Though there is not proper medicinal evidence that cloves are effective in sexual health, but it has been found helpful. Cloves has been found effective in premature ejaculation. It has been seen in research that cream prepared with cloves and other ingredients is effective in reducing the premature ejaculation. If this cream is applied to the skin of penis it can be helpful. Source taken from – United States National Library of Medicine.


These are the top 5 medicinal uses of cloves. This herb is effective in most diseases especially stomach related. Toothache is most common problem but cloves oil can give you instant relief from it. You must have this natural remedy to your kitchen and use it as spices and medicine.

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