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Have you heard of a juice that not just only help you stay healthy but also help you look young? Juice of cabbage improves your overall health by improving your immune system. Also its antioxidants help your skin to look fresh and younger. There are so many health benefits of cabbage juice.

Do you know cabbage is powerful in defending cancer? It is highly recommended by health experts. This high power food is very low in calorie that also helps you to reduce your weight.

There are mainly three types of cabbage Red, Green and Savoy. Red cabbage is most beneficial in nutrients. The green cabbage is most commonly used by people. Let’s see top 10 health benefits of cabbage juice.

Top 10 Health benefits of Cabbage Juice

Top 10 Health benefits of Cabbage Juice

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1- Cabbage Juice is good for Anemia Patients

Top 10 Health benefits of Cabbage Juice - Treat AnemiaCabbage can treat Anemia patients. There are a good amount of Folic acid in cabbage juice which is essential for generating new blood cells. Also there are suffocating amount of iron in cabbage which helps anemia patients.

Cabbage contains 60% Vitamin C. Iron helps body to generate hemoglobin which is necessary for anemia patients. And vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron. Cabbage is one of the vegetables that doctor recommends anemia patients.

2- Cabbage Juice helps to Regulate Bowel Movement

Cabbage Juice helps to Regulate Bowel MovementOne health benefits of cabbage juice is it helps to regulate bowel movement. Inconsistent bowel movement is the primary reason of constipation. 100 gm of cabbage contains 2.5 mg of fiber. Though in cabbage juice this amount reduced, but it helps to clean the waste material.

Cabbage quality is slightly laxative, which work with your bowel movement to make it smooth. If you are facing constipation you can take cabbage in any form, cooked, uncooked, or juiced. It is beneficial in constipation taken in any form.

3- Juice of Cabbage saves you from Cancer

Juice of Cabbage saves you from CancerCabbage juice is very effective in preventing and treating multiple cancers. Sulforaphane is found in cabbage which is effective in preventing cells from carcinogens (A type of radiation that caused cancer). Juice of cabbage has isocyanate. isocyanate is helpful in avoiding lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer.

Cabbage juice not just helpful in preventing cancer, it also helps cancer patients in speedy recovery by increasing the healing process of body. It is a good health benefits of cabbage juice.

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4- Cabbage Juice can treat Ulcers

Cabbage Juice can treat UlcersCabbage juice can treat ulcers too. Cabbage is helpful in taking care of your intestine. It also improves the bowel movement that makes your lever in good condition. Cabbagen (Vitamin U) of cabbage makes inner layer of stomach strong so that it can resist ulcers.

In a study it has been proven that if an ulcer patient takes fresh cabbage juice, their healing process dramatically increased. This study is published in United States National Library of Medicine.

5- Make your Immune Strong with Cabbage Juice

Top 10 Health benefits of Cabbage Juice - Make Immune StrongCabbage juice makes your immune system strong. Histidine found in cabbage is helpful in recovering from allergies. This compound generates T cells to make your immune system strong.

People who drink cabbage juice often, are great resistant to diseases. Its vitamin C is very effective in fighting with diseases.

6- Cabbage Juice improves your Brain Functioning

Top 10 Health benefits of Cabbage Juice - Brain FunctioningHealth benefits of cabbage juice is it helps to improve your brain functioning. Cabbage contains vitamin K which help the mind to increase concentration and analytical ability. Anthocyanins is found in cabbage. This compound is helpful in increasing mind power.

These two nutrients don’t let your nerves damage and also improve your defense power against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Cabbage juice has the power that increases your mental power.

7- Cabbage Juice helps to Control Weight

Cabbage Juice helps to Control WeightIf you are trying to lose weight then cabbage juice also helps you. It do not let convert the carbohydrate and sugar into body fat. The food we eat is converted into energy, if this energy is taken more than our body need then body converts these into fat. Body uses this fat in emergency energy need, though this emergency usually never comes.

100 gm of cabbage has just 25 calorie and 3.2 gm of sugar. Good food for the people who want to control their weight. Cabbage juice improves digestion by clearing the waste of stomach. Improper digestion is the main reason of obesity and overweight.

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8- Repair your skin and look like young with Cabbage Juice

Repair your skin and look like young with Cabbage JuiceThis is one of the big health benefits of cabbage juice. It has antioxidants that help your skin to stay fresh and young. It does not let your skin dry that is main reason of visible aging in skin. Phytochemical help your skin to fight with harmful free radicals. These radicals are the primary reason of skin disorder like pimples, blackheads and acne.

These two nutrients repair your dead skins quicker and replace them with new cells. That makes you look fresh and young. This is your best beauty product.

9- Cabbage Juice make your Skin Soft and Fair

Cabbage Juice Make your Skin Soft and FairCabbage is also helpful in improving the color and texture of the skin. It is another health benefit of cabbage juice. Vitamin A and Vitamin E of cabbage make your skin tissue look fairer and soft.

Potassium in cabbage is responsible for detoxifying your skin and makes it fairer. This natural beauty product comes with many health benefits, so drink cabbage juice instead of investing money in beauty products.

10- Make your Hair Strong and stop hair loss with Cabbage Juice

Make your Hair Strong and stop hair loss with Cabbage JuiceAnother main health benefit of cabbage juice is it makes your hair strong and reduces hair loss. It strengthens your weak hair and prevents hair loss. Cabbage juice is rich in sulfur which is good for hairs, skin and nails.

It also helps you in growth of new hairs and recovers the loss of hair. It nourishes the roots of hair to make them strong. Regular cabbage juice drinking helps your hair to healthy and long, it also makes your hair shining.

How to make Cabbage Juice?

Purchase fresh cabbage from the market. Try to choose small cabbages its taste is good than bigger cabbages.  Wash it with water carefully. Cabbages are grown in farms, there may be some bacteria on it. So wash it carefully. Cut the cabbage in two or four parts, then chopped them. Then use a juicer to make cabbage juice.

How much to drink Cabbage Juice?

You should not drink cabbage juice more than 4 oz. Health benefits of cabbage juice will disappear when you over drink it. Do not store cabbage juice in refrigerator. Make fresh and drink it at the same time daily. Very soon you will start feeling these health benefits of cabbage juice. Do not add salt or sugar in juice. This reduces its benefits.

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One juice that gives so much health benefits, it reduces weight, make you look good, strengthen your hair roots and help you to stay away from many critical diseases. It seems pretty effective. If you still not sure to drink it after these top 10 health benefits of cabbage juice. Then you can just try it for few days. Drink like you are drinking some medicine. I am sure you will continue taking this amazing drink everyday.

Wishes for your health 🙂 don’t forget to share with your friends on Social Media.

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