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When you talk to overweight people, you observe that their weight increases because they don’t get idea that their stomach is full. You should not completely fill your stomach. To digest the food properly some empty space is required.

For a healthy digestion and stomach you should always leave your stomach 25% empty. This empty space is used to rotate the food for digestion. Digestion process create some gas, empty space is used to handle this. Here are some tips to know when your stomach is full.

Tips to know when your Stomach is Full

Tips to know when your Stomach is FullImage Source: gizmodo.com

Listen to your Stomach not to your Tongue

When you get your favorite tasty dish, you start listening to your tongue. You forget about the fullness of your stomach. You don’t care that the favorite food that you are eating will not digest properly and will create digestive disorder.

You should always listen to your stomach. Only stomach can help you to know when it is full. Always remember that you will only have to eat 50% of your total hunger. 25% space stay empty and 25% will be occupied by the water. If you are in gaining process you can eat 60% but not more than that.

Remember this rule “The more favorite food, lesser you should eat.” When I eat my favorite food, I ate it slowly and very less quantity.

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Observe the Fullness of Stomach

Another tip to know when your stomach is full is observing it. When you start eating you should catch the signal of your stomach.

Few people eat to their throat. They don’t care about the fullness of stomach. They don’t know about the side effect of overeating. This overeating can cause several diseases, including obesity.

At the time of eating you should observe how much your stomach is filled. To know it you can concentrate on the stress of internal stomach. When you feel that it is full stop eating.

Remember “Eat food that add more value to your body” Means low calorie and high nutrients food. This way you will eat less and get proper required nutrients.

Set New Target for your Meal

This is for people who can’t control their food size. If you know that you overeat and you can’t help yourself then you should keep trying. Setting target will help you.

You cannot directly reduce your food size to half. You have to do it slowly, so that your body can adopt new eating habit and can burn the excess fat. First you have to cut down the fast and junk food, then other high calorie food.

Set a new target every 15 days. Don’t set a target that vanish your whole motivation. Your target should be achievable. Then in next attempt reduce it little more. This way you won’t feel low energy and can reduce your food size too.

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These are the tips to know when your stomach is full. It is very important that you know how much eating is good for you. Don’t always fill your stomach. Fill it 50% with food and 25% with water. Leave 25% space empty. Your digestion will stay good and you will stay healthy.

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