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I know you are amazed to read the title of this article. You are listening this first time that there are certain methods to drink water, too. Till now you get the water bottle and just chug it.

In Ayurveda rule of drinking water is clearly mentioned. These rules help your body system to stay in good condition and increase its performance. Here is the right way to drink water.

Human body contains approximately 65% water. Water is a main ingredient in your body. you should insure that you are taking it in appropriate amount.

Right way to drink water

The Right way to drink water

Always drink water while sitting

The right way to drink water is in sitting position. Ayurveda recommends us to eat and drink water while sitting. When we stand our stomach area stretched including liver and kidney.

Drinking water in standing position stretches these body parts. If you are standing and drinking water you may possibly move. This can initiate pain in stomach and other problems.

Drink water slowly sip by sip

Another golden rule for drinking water is, don’t chug the whole glass of water in one attempt, drink it slowly. First drink one sip take breath and then take another sip. The time between each sip helps water to adjust in your stomach properly.

When you drink water in one attempt, air inside your stomach gets blocked. This air can create the problem to your stomach organs. Also, your stomach size can increase.

Do not drink water just after the meal

If you want a good health then this rule is mandatory for you. Drinking water just after the meal can cause several stomach related diseases including gas and indigestion. In Ayurveda the digestion is referred as Fire. This fire starts in your stomach right after you take your first bite.

When you drink water during or after your meal, intensity of the digestive fire reduced. This leads to indigestion, gas, constipation and other stomach related diseases. So don’t fill your stomach with water after a meal.

You can take one or two sip of water if you are thirsty but not more than that. The right way to drink water is after 1 hour of finishing your meal.

Warm water is better than cold water

Cold and iced water is killer for your digestive fire. You should not drink cold water, especially after your meal. Room temperature water is good but warm water is better.

Cold water not just reduces your digestive fire it also affect your internal stomach organs.

Know when to drink water

You should clearly identify the need of water and drink it at appropriate time. Your body signals when it needs water. Thirst is one method to know. But in summer many time people don’t feel thirst and their body water level reduced.

You can check your urine to identify that your body is getting enough water or not. If your urine is yellowish or yellow colour then you are not drinking enough water.

No colour urine is a signal that your body is properly hydrated. Same thing you can check with the dryness of your lips. Dry lips are signal that you need more water.

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These are the right way to drink water. Water is the main ingredient of human body. If you don’t keep your body hydrated then you are not caring your body. Your body part doesn’t work properly without enough water. There are only few rules that must be followed drinking water. These rules are good for you.

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