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Often we need to stay awake for long time to finish the tasks in our hand. Sometimes, we could not sleep for nights. Many of us avoid sleep to complete the urgent projects. However taking complete sleep in night is essential to stay healthy. If you are bound to stay awake then make sure you are using healthy ways. Here are 7 healthy ways to avoid sleep and work for long time.

You are here because you avoid your sleep often and worried about your health. You already know that you feel sleepiness because tiredness. Feeling sleepiness is signal that your body is tired and need rest. If you still force it to avoid sleep and stay awake then definitely it will create health problems. But if you use unhealthy ways to avoid sleep then it will be worst.

7 Healthy Ways to Avoid Sleep and Work for Long Time

7 Healthy Ways to Avoid Sleep and Work for Long TimeImage Source

Many people use cigarettes and tobacco to stay awake. This is not a good way. Few people also eat lots of junk food while working late night. This is not a healthy way to work for long time. It will cause many health problems to you. When you work for long time follow these healthy ways to avoid sleep.

1. Eat Light and Healthy Food

When you know that you have to stay awake late to finish your work. Eat light food that night. Eating heavy food makes your body sluggish and dull. In result you will fall asleep soon. When you eat heavy food your body starts investing large amount of your energy to digest it. That makes you tired. So avoid eating heavy food to avoid sleep.

2. Use Coffee Wisely

Drinking coffee is one of the healthy ways to avoid sleep and work for long time. But you should use coffee wisely. Drinking lots of coffee at once can cause acidity. That is definitely not good for your pending work. You should divide the coffee time intelligently. Do not drink coffee when you start working but drink a small amount of it when you feel sleepiness. Caffeine makes your mind active and avoids the sleep.

3. Take Naps to Remove Tiredness

Naps are good ways to avoid sleep and work for long time without getting tired. 30 minutes of quick nap can give you freshness to work for 4-5 hours without sleep. This way you can stay awake for long time and can finish your work. Plan your naps intelligently to stretch the awakening time. If you are working at your office then you can take quick nap on your chair or sofa.

4. Stay in Brightness

Work in Brightness - Healthy Ways to avoid Sleep People tend to fall asleep more when they stay in low light. So it is required for you to work in proper light. Few people like to work in low light and after working some time they feel sleepiness. When working in day time ensure that proper natural light is available. If there is not proper natural light then turn on extra light bulbs.

5. Switch between Multiple Tasks

In 7 healthy ways to avoid sleep the next way is to switch between multiple tasks. If you work consistently on one task your mind becomes slow after some time. When you change your task mind becomes fully active to set and accept the new task. So, if you have to avoid sleep and work for long time then you should keep switching between multiple tasks.

6. Talk with other Person

Starting a conversation with other person is good way to stay awake. When you feel sleepiness talk with your co-worker, you can also chat with someone if you are working alone. When you start talking in the middle of your work, you mind becomes active. It is a good way to avoid sleep and feel fresh.

7. Walk in Middle

Walking is good way to diverse your mind and stay awake for long time. It is also good for your health. Sitting and working for long time encourages fat gaining and related diseases. So it is good to walk for 5 minutes after each 40-50 minutes. This way you can also avoid the sleep and can continue your work.

Special Note: – Take all your sleep in night, if you want to stay healthy. These tips are for the case you have no option than to extend your awakening time. Still you should not avoid sleep for long time. If you will not take complete sleep you may feel many health problems. See how many hours of sleep is required to stay healthy?


These are the 7 healthy ways to avoid sleep and work for long time. You can use these tips when you have to work day and night. Once you complete your tasks, take complete sleep. Start your work in advance; don’t wait for the deadline to push you. Because avoiding sleep is not good for the health.

What is your way to avoid sleep? Share it.

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