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Previous week I took a 7 day challenge to reduce weight and get flat belly. In that challenge I decided to not eat sugar, rice, fast food, and processed food.

During this challenge I continue my regular exercise and included 30 minutes of cardio plus 15 minutes of abs training. Let’s see the complete details of inputs and outputs.

Result of 7 Day Challenge

Result of 7 Day Challenge to Reduce Weight

My Diet


In the breakfast I took 6-8 Almonds and 6-8 cashews every day. Almonds and cashews are good way to get instant protein and fatty acids for your muscles. It is important that you take protein as quickly as you can in the morning. With this I ate chickpeas that were soaked in water in night. I work late night so I take my breakfast around 11 AM.


Around 2.30 PM in lunch I took 1.5 cup of lentils soup. Lentils contain good carbohydrate and protein. With this I took 3-4 bread (Rotie) and salad of onion, tomato, and cabbage with lemon juice.


Before workout I ate one medium size of banana. My goal was to burn more and more in the exercise so I didn’t eat much as pre-workout snacks.


After a long session of workout first I hydrated myself properly. Then I ate 1 banana to get some energy. After that I ate 1 cup of soya chunks. Soya chunks are low calorie food that contains the good amount of protein and fibre. Eating protein as soon as you finished your workout is good for your muscles. See how to quickly get back your energy after gym?


I usually ate my dinner after 11 PM in night. In this 7 day challenge I took 3-5 bread (Rotie) with mixed vegetables like potato and cabbage or spinach. Mixed vegetables provide me good carbohydrates.

My Exercise


10 minutes of warm up and stretching schedule includes stretching full body muscles and jumping. After this I do push ups and pulls ups to make myself complete ready for weight training.

Full Body Exercise

In this 7 day challenge to reduce weight and get flat belly I continue my normal exercise pattern. In the full body exercise I target two groups of muscles in a day. I do workout to train these group of muscles.


After training my full body I did cardio. However, I should have to do cardio before full body exercise to get better results. It is not a long and exhausting cardio. I just do 30 minutes of bike riding. In this 30 minutes of riding I ran my bike 8-10 Km.

Ab Training

After completing the cardio I train my abs. It is a 15 minute session. In this session I do super set of crunches, reverse crunches and plank. 15-18 reps of crunches and then just after it 15-18 reps of reverse crunches and then 45-50 seconds of plank, 3 sets of these exercises were enough to generate tension in internal muscles of my abs.


Progress Picture - Result of 7 Day Challenge to Reduce Weight

During this 7 day challenge to lose weight and get flat belly I lose 2 Kg of my weight and 30 % of my belly size. However this is not the result I want, still it is satisfactory gain in 7 days. I am planning to do this challenge in the next month and this time it will be stricter. I will add more cardio and heart pumping exercise in the next challenge.

Have you also taken this challenge with me? Share your results in comments.

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  1. Vipin, I read about u in an TOI article and plan to follow ur advice will comment abt the reults thereof on next Saturday

    Will cmmence your schedule tmr

  2. I’d be more convinced if you weren’t sucking in your stomach when trying to show the results.

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