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Olive oil is a great natural medicine. It has many health benefits, it is good for health if eaten in many ways also it is effective in many health problems if used externally. Antioxidants of olive oil is very helpful for skin and hairs. It is a natural remedy for multiple hair and skin problems. Olive oil is also effective in removing dandruff from your hair. Olive oil make your scalp clean, soft and dandruff free. Lets see how to remove dandruff with olive oil?

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Olive Oil benefits for your hair and scalp

Olive oil is good for your hair and scalp in many ways. It helps your scalp to stay away from bacteria and infections. Also nourishes dry areas of scalp that cause the dandruff. Lets see how olive oil affects hair and scalp?

  • Olive oil make your hair smooth by adding extra moisturizer. It have long time effect in comparison with any other treatments.
  • Olive oil is good for frizz hairs. It make your hair smooth so that they are arranged in good way. Olive oil make your frizz hair smooth and manageable.
  • If you want shining hairs then olive oil will do it for you. Few drops of olive oil makes your dull hairs shining day along.
  • Antioxidants of olive oil nourishes your scalp, repair them and make a strong grip to your hairs. Healthy scalp means strong hairs.
  • Olive oil’s anti bacterial quality cleans bacteria from your hair and scalp and make it infection free. If you have an itchy scalp olive oil is good for you.
  • Olive oil clean dandruff in your scalp and stops it from regenerating. Its Antifungal quality do not let dandruff and other skin problem come in your scalp.

Is Olive Oil good for Hair?

Olive oil is good for your hair and scalp. It is good oil to supply moisturizer in your hair. It nourishes the deep roots and make your hair strong. Dandruff is one of the major reason for hair fall. Dandruff makes your hair roots weak and hair fall starts. Olive oil removes the dandruff from your scalp and reduce hair fall. So, don’t think about the effect of olive oil on hairs. It is always good for your hair.

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How to remove Dandruff with Olive oil?

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There are multiple ways people use olive oil in hairs, here we have two best working ways to apply olive oil in hair that removes dandruff. You can use any method that seems good to you.

Use olive oil with honey to remove dandruff

Olive oil is used with honey is very good solution for removing dandruff from your hairs. Anti-inflammatory quality of honey mix with olive oil is complete therapy for dandruff. Where honey does not let any infection generate in scalp, olive oil provides a sufficient amount of moisturizer to the scalp. This way dandruff is completely removed from your hair and your scalp becomes nourished and healthy.

  • Take 100 ml of olive oil and warm it. Do not warm more than few seconds, too much heat reduces effect of olive oil.
  • Take 2 Teaspoon of honey and mix it well in olive oil.
  • Massage this mix in your scalp gently. Use your finger to massage it.
  • Wait for 10 minutes so it get soaked in your scalp. In this period moisturizer of olive oil will spread deep into your scalp and heal it.
  • Was your hair with a good herbal shampoo. Take a hot towel and cover your head with it. This way moisturizer stay long in your scalp.

Make Olive oil hair mask to remove dandruff

  • Take 5 tablespoon of Olive oil and warm it little.
  • Massage it gently with your fingers through all over the scalp.
  • Cover your hair with plastic bag or any simple grocery bag.
  • Let it soak for 1.30 hours. In this period plastic bag will not let go away heat of your head. This heat helps olive oil to moisturize your whole scalp and hair.
  • Wash this mask with shampoo to get it removed from your hairs. You can take lukewarm water to wash it.

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You can also add honey in your hair mask. In first method heat to the hair was providing with a warm towel after wash. In second method heat of your head is used with the help of plastic bag.

If you want a quick method to remove dandruff with olive oil then use the first method. This method takes less time. You can use hair mask method in your free day. Apply the mask and do your other work while it get soaked.

Olive oil will not just remove dandruff from your scalp. It will make your scalp complete healthy. You will get shiny, frizz free, and strong hair. Where your scalp stay cleaned and bacteria free.

Tell me how you use olive oil to remove dandruff in comments? Share it with your friends.


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