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You might wonder what extra thing skinny person do to be skinny. They don’t do something extra, they just do it well. While you watch TV sitting on your couch, they exercise. While you keep eating your favourite food, they taste it. This is the reason they are skinny.

Skinny person are not worried to their weight. They just do the right thing the right way. Other things are inherited. Here I am sharing 5 reasons why you can’t become skinny person. Read these reasons and do change your habits.

5 Reasons why you can’t become Skinny Person

5 Reasons why you can not become Skinny PersonImage Source: prairiepathfeet.com

1. You don’t do Cardio

You can’t become skinny person because you don’t do cardio. Cardio is one of the best ways to create calorie deficit. It helps to maintain the weight. With help of cardio skinny person burn those extra calories that they don’t require.

Cardio is also helpful to boost your metabolism. Difference between you and skinny person is your morning is lazy and they have fast. Get up and do some cardio and burn the fat.

2. You don’t Diet

Do you remember last time when you were on diet? If you did, it was not successful. We are surrounded with high calorie foods. If you don’t diet, and keep eating everything then no one can make you skinny. Those high calorie and less nutrients foods are easily available. You have to make little extra effort to get high nutrients and low calorie foods.

Diet is very necessary if you want to become a skinny person. Moderate your eating habits choose foods wisely, do dieting.

3. You skip your Workouts

Another reason why you can’t become skinny person is you skip your workouts. Skinny persons are consistent to their workout. They don’t skip it. I am not asking you to do workouts 7 day in week. Rest is necessary for body, but not more than 2 days in a week.

When you skip your workout, you preserve the energy in your body as fat that you were going to spend in the gym. So don’t store fat, do regular workouts.

 4. You skip your Breakfast

People who skip their breakfast store more fat than people who never. Eating a healthy breakfast in early morning is necessary for your body. You already starved for long time during sleep. If you don’t eat breakfast your body goes in preserving mode. It will start saving energy by converting them to fat.

It is necessary that you quickly start your metabolism by eating a good breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you want to become skinny person never skip it.

5. You don’t check Food Portion

Another reason why you can’t become skinny person is you don’t check food portion. You can argue that you are eating low calorie food still you are not reducing weight. Then I ask you, do you check your food portion? Eating low calorie food is helpful but eating a lot not. If you eat a low calorie food in double the quantity, then how it will benefit you?

Always check the food portion and don’t eat once you complete your food portion. Skinny person know their food portion and always follow it.

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Right mindset is necessary in order to become a skinny person. Don’t always think about your weight, eat food in fixed quantity, choose food that is good for you, do cardio and most important eat breakfast daily. You can become skinny person if you follow these tips.

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