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Everyone is fearful of the death. No one wants to think about it in that fear. For some people, this fear goes on an upper level and start hurting their productivity. A persistent fear of death becomes death anxiety. It is also called Thanatophobia. Here in this article, I will try to give some tips to overcome the fear of death anxiety. This article does not replace medical or psychological help. If these tips do not help you contact a good counselor to seek help immediately.

Overcoming Fear of Death Anxiety

Overcoming Fear of Death Anxiety

Death is Natural

Death is Natural - Thanatophobia

Everyone knows that death is natural but most of the people are afraid of it. You also know it. The idea is to convince you of this reality. Everything is born has to die one day. No one knows about that day. Consider a small flower plant, it grows and bloom many beautiful flowers and then its life ends. The end or start won’t matter. The thing that matters is its journey. How many smiles it spread with beautiful flowers in its life that plant will be remembered as.

Death is natural you cannot stop it. Don’t fear about it, take it as a positive energy. Death tells us that all we have limited time in the life. This is why we need to make our life more beautiful and meaningful. Convince your mind with this thought that life you have is far more beautiful. The death is part of the cycle. There is nothing to fear about it.

Start Healthy Living

Start Healthy Living - Fear of Death

Once you convince yourself that the death is a natural process. You are ready to be in charge of your life. Why don’t you decide to live a healthy life rather than living with diseases? A healthy body helps you to enjoy all the beautiful things in life. Once you experience the beauty of life it gives you a great energy and satisfaction.

A healthy living means developing habits of doing healthy things. Sleep a little early and wake up with the sun, leave your house and do a walk to breathe the fresh air of the morning. This habit alone can deliver a positive energy to you. Take shower and then eat a heavy breakfast after then. Include organic foods in your diet and remove the junk foods as much as you can.

Leave everything that you cannot Control

Leave Everything that you cannot Control - Thanatophobia

What are the things that make you worry or anxious? Is there anything you can do solve that problem? If yes, then do it right now. If there is nothing you can do to change or stop those things. You need to leave those things. For example, you are not responsible for the behavior of others. If someone is not behaving properly to you, then you should not worry about it. It’s their issue. There is nothing you can do. You can just tell yourself to stay calm. This is what you should do.

Thinking about the problems that you cannot control will make you anxious all the time. If you are worried about the sun for being too hot, you will stay anxious for a long time. You cannot change the weather. The same goes with the thought of death. You cannot control it also. There is no point to worry about it. What you can control is your life. Consider making it more meaningful and purposeful.

Say Thanks to things that you have

Say Thanks to the Things That you have - Fear of Death

Gratitude is a good thing. There are times that people think that they have nothing to be thankful. No, there are always. It’s them who don’t want to see those things. The biggest thing to be thankful is you are alive. You have eyes and you are reading this article. Isn’t something to feel blessed?

Feeling gratitude for things helps to attract more such things. Yes, its general rule of life. Your internal feelings affect the outer environment. If you always feel worried and stress you will find more reasons to be stressed. Practicing the gratitude helps you to attract more good things in your life. The best time to do it is when you go to bed. Instead of thinking bad things lying on the bed, start counting your blessings. Say thanks to each thing that you feel wonderful about. You can say thanks internally or can use a paper to write about it.

Develop a Habit of Success

Develop Habit of Success - Overcoming Thanatophobia

Success fills your body with a positive energy. Develop its habit. The most common reason to not feeling worth full is failures. If you are thinking that there is not much success story in your life, then start building it. Start with this thought that there is nothing you cannot do in your life. Everyone has been successful in something in their past. It’s you that you are not counting them.

Start with small things. Take a paper and write down the things that you want to do for a long time. Like, painting, drawing, visiting a beach, waking up early, cooking any particular recipe, write down small things. Then make time to do it. Don’t do it for other people, don’t let them judge you. Just do it, once you do it you feel success. Slowly, practicing this success will go internally and make you feel wonderful.

Stay Ready for the End Day

Plan your End Day - Fear of Death

Yes, everyone will face this day. It is better to stay ready than to worry about it. How can anyone be ready for end day? Well, you can be ready if you live your life to fullest and plan the end day. Talk about it to your family. Don’t alarm them, just a casual chat to plan the things. This planning should include that how your family will survive after you. You can get insurance, and save money for your family. You can start with the thing that keeps coming to your mind. If you worrying too much about anything after your life then start with it, prepare a plan to conquer it.

TO overcome the fear of death first thing you need to do is to understand that death is natural. Then give your life a meaning. Live a healthy life full of purpose. Develop a habit of success and plan for the things after your life. All these things will help you to overcome the fear of death. Still, if you face that this anxiety is not improving then seek help. Find a good consultant and discuss your problem.

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