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Do you know? Nature has great healing power, even your stress and anxiety can’t stay. Sound of nature can reduce your stress and make you feel fresh. If your mind has been stuck with so much thoughts and stress, go to near nature, even sound of nature can give you relief. Here I have such 5 nature sounds to reduce stress and feel fresh.

This is what I feel yesterday. I was not able to think properly due to stress. So many thoughts in my mind were jumping. Neither I could work nor sleep. Browsing YouTube I come across a video that has sound of nature. It was a sound of a beautiful morning in a forest. After listening few moments I realize that thoughts in my mind were reducing. Slowly my eyes closed. After some time when they open, I realize that I was taking nap. My mind was stress free and fresh.

5 Nature Sounds to Reduce Stress and Feel Fresh

Effect of Nature Sound on Stress

In a study on 40 students effect of nature sound was tested. Physiological data of these students were recording by a computerized instrument. Then set of nature sound and environmental noise were played one by one. It was seen in study that effect of nature sound on reducing psychological stress was high than environmental noises.

Soothing sound of nature has capability to reduce the stress level in mind. It is also helpful in improving the brain workings. Nature sound can give you peace and reduce the high altitude thoughts running in your mind.

Sound of nature is also helpful in falling asleep quickly. People, who spend hours waiting for sleep to come, can play these nature sounds to relieve stress. They will fall asleep in less time if they hear these nature sounds.

5 Nature Sounds to Reduce Stress and Feel Fresh

1. Morning in a Forest – Sound of Birds and Animals recorded in morning

This is the most wonderful and peaceful sound of nature. Nothing can be good than a morning in an abandoned forest. You can not reach to such place but this nature sound will take you there.

This nature sound gives you full control over your mind. Concentration and memory is improved when you listen this. Most ideal for playing when you are meditating, reading, writing or cooking a healthy food in morning.

If you are surrounded with other noises wear a headset and increase volume. Close your eyes for few minutes to feel the peace and your stress is gone.

2. Sound of Ocean and Wind on a Beach with Twittering Birds

If you feel stress free in a beach listening sound of ocean and doing nothing, then this nature sound is helpful for you. You can reach to beach sitting on your chair. This sound is mix of ocean, wind and bird sound will relieve your stress quickly and increase your productivity.

Wear a headset, close your eyes and play this. You will feel like you have reached at a breezy beach. Listen it for few more minutes to get stress completely relieved.

3. Sound of a Waterfall in a Mountain

In 5 nature sounds to reduce stress and feel fresh this sound is taken from mountains. Environment of mountains are always good for your mind. Breath you take on mountains is high in oxygen, good for your heart and mind. This sound is mix-up of falling water from the rocks, winds, and singing birds. Your stress will be gone in no time hearing this nature sound.

Close your eyes and you will reach in the peaceful environment of mountains. Sound of falling water is extremely good for improving concentration. This nature sound will relieve stress and help you to fall asleep quickly.

4. Winter Wind Sound

In nature sounds to reduce stress and feel fresh next sound is of wind. Sound of wind is also helpful in reducing your stress. In freezing nights when speed of wind increases, it produces an awesome sound. You often hear this sound when you go outside in winters. But you can’t stay for so long there. You can hear this sound sitting on your chair and can relieve stress.

When you start hearing this nature sound you will be able to feel the cold air. This feeling helps you to reduce the temperature of your mind. And slowly all overwhelming thoughts will start reducing. After some time your stress will be gone.

5. Sound of Heavy Rain and Thunder

Nothing can be peaceful than the sound of rain. This nature sound is can correct any type of bad mood. Rain sounds have wonderful ability to reduce the stress and make you feel fresh. It has heavy rain and thunder sound. People who feel more concentration in rain, this nature sound are good for them. They can do their most complex work hearing this sound.

Extra Tips

If your day is full of work loads and you always feel stress, then you can try meditation. People who do meditation regularly manage their work easily. Stress and anxiety didn’t touch them. You can play above nature sounds while meditating for deep meditation session. Learning time management is also helpful in reducing stress.

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These are the 5 nature sounds to reduce stress and feel fresh. Next time you are feeling less concentration or doing a remarkable work, play these sounds for good results. If you struggling to fall asleep these nature sounds can help you also.

Tell me what do you do to relieve your stress in comments? Don’t be selfish – Share it with your friends too.

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