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16. Peppermint

Peppermint - 19 Best Natural Remedies for Gas or BloatingThe menthol of peppermint leaves provides a soothing effect on your stomach. The antispasmodic effect helps to relax the stomach nerves and provide relax from stomach ache due to gas. Peppermint leaves help to cure the stomach disorders.

How to Use?

You can drink peppermint tea to get relaxed from gas. Take one tea bag of peppermint and dip into 1 cup of hot water. Wait for some time and squeeze the tea bag and remove it. Now drink it slowly. If you can’t get peppermint tea bags then you can boil fresh or dried peppermint leaves with water and then drink it.

You can also mix two drops of peppermint oil in 1 cup of cool water and drink it.

17. Pumpkin

PumpkinEating pumpkin in your meal relaxed you from the gas problem. When you eat high-fiber foods stomach can’t digest it properly and start producing gas. Pumpkin helps your stomach to reduce the formation of gas in the stomach.

How to Use?

Eat pumpkin at least in one of your meal daily. You can simply boil and eat it with your meal or you can also prepare any recipe. Do not add so much oil in the pumpkin recipe.

18. Yellow Mustard

Yellow Mustard - 19 Best Natural Remedies for Gas or BloatingYellow mustard is also a good remedy for gas. It adds digestion and recovers from the excessive gas. The yellow mustard helps to digest your food easily. It also heals your stomach if there is any kind of infection.

How to Use?

You can eat 1 teaspoon of yellow mustard. Its taste is not so good, so you can also grind it and then swallow it with the help of water.

19. Cumin

CuminCumin is a good remedy for gas. Cumin helps to recover from indigestion. Cumin seeds help to avoid constipation and gas formation. It is also helpful in passing the excess gas.

How to Use?

You can chew 1 teaspoon of raw cumin seeds and then swallow it with the help of 1 glass water.

You can also prepare cumin water. Take 3 tablespoons of cumin seeds, add it 3 cups of water and then boil it for 15 minutes. Strain it and then let it cool. Store this drink in the fridge and drink a ¼ cup of this water after your meals.

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Some Actions and Tips to Avoid Gas

1. Eat Balanced Diet

The best tip to avoid excessive gas formation in your stomach is to eat a balanced diet. Your diet should have enough amounts of fiber, vitamins, protein, and rich digestive enzymes food like yogurt. Fiber is good for you to have proper bowel movements, but it you eat it more it can cause gas formation because it is tough to digest. So much spicy foods are also the reason of gas, so avoid spicy food as much as you can.

2. Avoid Dairy Products

Dairy products like high-fat milk, cheese are hard to digest and create gas in the stomach. If you are facing so much trouble due to gas then it is good to avoid dairy products. You can decrease the amount of milk you consume or take low fat milk.

3. Exercise Daily

Exercising makes your nerves to maintain the blood flow through the body. It also helps to ensure proper digestive system. So, exercise daily.

4. Drink Boiled Water

Cold water reduces the digestive process. It can slow down the digestion and your stomach starts producing gas. It is good to boil the water and drink warm water. Here are the right way to drink water.

5. Chew Food Properly

When you chew your food properly saliva mixes with your food. It helps to increase the digestion in the stomach. This is why chewing your food properly is necessary.

6. Eat on Time

Always eat on time to avoid gas. There should be at least 3 hours of difference between your meals. When you eat something your stomach takes 3 hours to process the food. If you eat something in between it will do its task quickly which results in gas formation. Also, eat always on time.

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Having gas is a normal process but if you can’t pass it or if you are in a situation where farting can be embracing for you then it becomes irritating. Because of gas, you can’t properly focus on your work. Also, if it is not cured it can result in more trouble to you. Your first attempt to recover from this problem should be to increase your digestion. You can choose natural remedies for gas from this list which is easily available to you. Take it as mentioned in this list and follow the extra tips given to avoid gas formation. This way you can easily get recovered from this problem.

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    • Hi Nikki, Thanks for encouraging me. 🙂 Yes you are right, Aloe Ferox and Papaya is helpful in cleaning your stomach properly. It avoids constipation thus gas and bloating. Thanks for adding extra info, this will surely help other readers. Keep Visiting 🙂

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