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11. Black Pepper

Black Pepper - 19 Best Natural Remedies for Gas or BloatingBlack Pepper is effective natural remedies for gas or bloating. Black pepper has soothing properties that recover you from any kind of stomach disorders. Black pepper releases the hydrochloric acid in your stomach which is helpful in digestion. It also reduces the acidity and heartburn problem.

How to Use?

You can sprinkle black pepper powder on your food and salads.

Another way to use it is, take an equal portion of dried mint leaves, black pepper, coriander seeds, and ginger powder. Grind all to create a mixture. ½ tbsp of this mixture can be taken twice a day with water to reduce the gas formation.

12. Garlic

GarlicThe next natural remedy for gas is garlic. It is not just used to increase the taste of your food. It is also used to reduce the bloating by stimulating the gastric fire. The pungent heating property of garlic is useful in reducing the stomach gas.

How to Use?

The best way to consume garlic for gas is to swallow its paste with water. If you don’t like its taste then prepare a soup of fresh garlic and drink it. You can also boil garlic in water for 5 minutes and then add cumin seeds and black pepper in it. Let it cool down, then strain and drink.

13. Basil

BasilBasil is an excellent remedy to cure indigestion and stomach problems. It is very effective to treat stomach ache due to gas or infection. Basil also helps to cure constipation, piles, and acidity. Juice of Basil leaves is cure stomach pain and cramp.

How to Use?

The best way to consume Basil for gas is to use it with ginger. Mix ½ tbsp of Basil juice with ½ tbsp of ginger juice and drink it.

You can also prepare basil tea and drink it. Boil 1 cup of water and add fresh basil leaves and then boil for some more time. Then drink it slowly.

14. Asafoetida

Asafoetida - 19 Best Natural Remedies for Gas or BloatingFrom a long time asafoetida is used in tempering the food. It is mainly used in lentil soup, pulse soup, and legume soup. Asafoetida is a strong home remedy that reduces the gas formation. Asafoetida mixed with one teaspoon water is great medicine to quickly release the gas. I have previously written on how to use asafoetida for gas problem? So I am not repeating it here.

15. Fennel

Fennel - 19 Best Natural Remedies for Gas or BloatingFennel is good natural remedy for indigestion and constipation. Indigestion is one of the major reason for gas formation. The oils present in fennel seed help to boost the digestion. This is why people chew fennel seeds after the meal.

How to Use?

The best way to consume fennel for gas is to chew it after your meals.

You can also prepare fennel water to consume it. Add 1 tbsp of fennel powder in 1 glass of water and drink it.

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  1. Hi Vipin, good to see your article. I would like to write a guest post for your site visitors. Let me know if you would want to take it further.

    • Hi Divya, Thanks for Dropping by. I am so sorry to say that as of now I am not accepting guest post on Build Healthy Body. I will let you know if in future I plan for it. Thanks 🙂

  2. hi Vipin Pandey I really love your articles. It would open the mind of people that truly herbs are healers.. hope you can also feature aloe ferox and papaya… these are helpful especially to those suffering from chronic constipation.it will also open their minds to other alternatives 🙂 Cardamom also has natural healing properties, so it can work well combined with the best herb containing fibers such as papaya and aloe 🙂 thanks for this informative post!

    • Hi Nikki, Thanks for encouraging me. 🙂 Yes you are right, Aloe Ferox and Papaya is helpful in cleaning your stomach properly. It avoids constipation thus gas and bloating. Thanks for adding extra info, this will surely help other readers. Keep Visiting 🙂

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