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Sleep is one of the few requirements for a human to say alive. At the sleeping time our body take rests and many maintenance tasks is being done in this period. Sleep is necessary for our body to work effectively. In our busy schedule, mostly we skip the sleep hours. This is not good for our body. But the question is how many hours of sleep do you need to be healthy? How much sleep is necessary for the body?

Why it is important to sleep?

How many hours of Sleep do you need to be Healthy

Let’s understand the sleeping process of our body. Why we actually need the sleep?

We need sleep because the repair process of our body cannot be done at the time of awake. At the time of sleeping our brain removes unwanted things and make it more active. However it cannot be clearly described why our body need the sleep. If you don’t take a complete sleep your brain becomes less productive. Your concentration and memory level becomes low.

I have seen often that when I don’t take complete sleep, my memory becomes low. I start forgetting name of people even whom I met often. Also a task that I was completing in few minutes earlier, takes longer time. This is short term effect of not taking proper sleep. If you decrease the hours of sleeping permanently, your bodies resistant to diseases also decrease. You can be affected with any disease easily. Also, if you won’t sleep properly chances of cardiovascular diseases increase.

What happen when you sleep?

Sleep process runs within the two cycles REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and NREM (NON Rapid Eye Movement). These cycles repeats during the sleep. Most of the sleep is NREM, around 75% time of whole sleep timing. The NREM Sleep runs in four stages. Let’s see what actually happen in these stages.

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Stage 1 & Stage 2- This is time between awake and getting asleep. In this time you get a light sleep. Stress in your muscles is gone and stared taking rest. At this stage your body temperature goes down. Your awareness about the surroundings is disconnected and heart rate reduces at this stage.

Stage 3 & Stage 4- These stages are the deepest sleep stages. Your blood pressure drops and your breathing speed goes slower. In this stage repair and tissue growth starts, your muscles get more blood supply. Your brain start organising the memory, useless things are removed and important things are placed in. This process makes our mind fresh and ready to work again.

How many hours of sleep do you need to stay healthy?

It depends on the people, many people feel fresh after just taking 6-7 hours of sleep and many need to take 9-11 hours of sleep. However, it is important to take 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep for average person. Doctors and health expert’s recommends that a person need to take 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep in order to stay healthy. This estimate is for adults. Children’s and teenagers need more sleep.

How Much Sleep is Important

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When a child is born he spends more of the time sleeping. At this age growth of body is on higher rate. This is the reason new born babies sleeps all the time. As they grows their sleeping requirements reduces. A teenager requires sleeping 10 hours a day. It is your duty to insure that your child take enough sleep.

If you are not taking 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep, you are at the risk of potential health problems. Even one hour less sleep can reduce your concentration level and memory, and cause weakness, cold and flu. So it is important for you to take enough sleep. Your body also take some time to adjust new sleeping schedule. In case of change of your shift time in office or going to different time zone, your body adjusts and recreate a new sleeping schedule. But soon you will recover your health.

Take complete sleep, there is no benefit in getting ill to earn money and recover the health by spending money. Share your sleeping hours in comments.


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