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Jerai and BodyPower India held bodybuilding competition in Delhi on 26th July 2015. This event was to find strongest person and bodybuilder. Jerai, India’s largest gym equipment manufacturer wants to promote Jerai Strongman competitions in India. They believe this competition will encourage Indian youth for bodybuilding and sports like other countries.

Jerai and BodyPower are set to attract 30000+ visitors in BodyPower Expo held in 2016. This competition will be held from 8-11 January 2016. BodyPower Expo is the perfect event for fitness equipment, nutrition, vitamins and apparel. This competition will be organised at Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre Mumbai. BodyPower Expo is a fitness hub of Asia.

Jerai Strongman and Jerai Classic Competition Delhi 2015

Jerai Strongman and Jerai Classic Competitions 2015 Delhi

Jerai Strongman and Jerai Classic Competitions 2015 were held at Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi. First Jerai Strongman competition was organised later Jerai Classic organised.

Jerai Strongman Competition

Jerai Strongman Competition is to find the strongest person. In this competition, participants have to go with different levels to prove their strength. There were activities like mini truck pulling, heavy sandbag walk, car lifting, squatting and deadlifting. Jerai Strongman competition is about strength. This competition has two categories male and female. The winner of Jerai Strongman Competition was Mr Amit Singh in the male category and in female category wife of Amit Mrs Purnima was the winner. Both wins Strongman Trophy and 25000 Rs cash.

Jerai Strongman Competition 2015 Delhi Winner

Where, another event Jerai Classic Competition is about bodybuilders, started after Strongman competition. The main objective of this event was to select the best bodybuilders to participate in mega event Jerai Classic at BodyPower Expo in 2016 at Mumbai. People from north India participated in the event. Winner of this event was Mr Borun Yumnam. He was awarded Jerai Classic Bodybuilding Competition trophy and Rs. 50000 as a cash prize.

Winner of Jerai Classic Competition 2015 Delhi

Mr Rajesh Rai, MD of Jerai Fitness Equipments told us that they want to promote and make popular Jerai competition in India like it is in western countries. He further told, “We have seen the good response and are motivated to make Bodybuilding and Strongman huge in India”.

Nick Orton, CEO of BodyPower also told us that, “India has bright future in Strongman and Bodybuilding competitions, participants were extremely talented. BodyPower will keep organising such events to support and encourage the fitness enthusiasm in participants.”

Such events are really helpful to encourage the people into fitness. People in India have talent and craze about bodybuilding and fitness, but they quit soon. There is no proper platform were fitness people can perform. With BodyPower Expo, such events will increase. It will bring more enthusiasm in people.

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