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Constipation is most common problem of peoples. It is a digestive disorder in which people feel the problem with stools. In constipation people feel inconsistent bowel movement.

Constipation is when a person has less than three bowel movement in a week. In constipation stools become hard and dry, mostly you have to put extra pressure to release the stool. Sometimes you may use fingers to release it also.

This is most torturing problem. You will feel blocked whole day, you neither can work nor rest completely. Fennel seeds are very effective in controlling constipation. In this post I will tell you how to use fennel seeds for constipation? It is good natural remedy of constipation.

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Is Fennel Seeds good for Constipation?

Fennel seed is good for constipation. It works as laxative that helps to increase the bowel movement. It make stool loose that is helpful to release it easily. Fennel seeds are also effective in improving the digestive system. Its essential oils help to improve the digestion and correct many digestive disorders. You should definitely use the fennel seed to treat your constipation and improve the digestion.

How to use Fennel Seeds for Constipation?

Fennel seed is effective in constipation used in any form. This natural remedy is being used since long time for the treatment of digestive problems. Fennel seeds work effectively when taken just after meals. This is reason many people take it after their meals. It not just improves the digestion but also reduce the bad breath of mouth. It reduces the food craving by increasing the fullness. Let’s see how to use fennel seeds for constipation?

Drink Fennel Seed Water

Fennel seed is more effective in constipation when used in powder form. You can take fennel seed powder with water.

  • To prepare Fennel seed water, take one cup or more fennel.
  • Roast them on low flame. Few people also use it without roasting you can skip this step if you want.
  • Prepare powder of the fennel.
  • Store the powder in an air tight box.
  • Take one glass lukewarm water
  • Mix one tablespoon of fennel powder in it.
  • Drink this fennel seed water before going to bed.

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Benefits: – Taking it at the bed time is more effective. Lukewarm water is also good in improving the digestion and fennel seed powder in it makes it a good home remedy for constipation. Fennel seed has good amount of fiber. This fiber is very important for your stomach to work effectively. Fiber also helps to reduce the blood cholesterol level and keep your heart healthy. There are so many benefits of fennel seed.

Chew it after your Meals

Another good way to use fennel seeds for constipation is to chew it after the meals. This is the most common method of using fennel seed. You can take half tablespoon of fennel seed and chew it after every meal. To make it more effective chew it properly. This way fennel seed mixes with your food and work against constipation. Also, it kills the germs inside your mouth that results bad breath.

How to use Fennel Seeds for Constipation?Image Source

Extra Tips

  • To reduce the constipation problem, you must eat a good diet that contains lots of fiber. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid fast food.
  • Orange is a good fruit that reduce the constipation. Eat one big orange daily.
  • Pour lemon juice in lukewarm water and drink it every morning.
  • Reduce the alcohol intake; it is responsible for the constipation.
  • Reduce Stress and anxiety, it causes constipation. So stay away from these.

Your Turn

In how to use fennel seeds for constipation you have seen the method to use fennel seeds. This natural remedy reduces your constipation. Use it daily. Do not eat outside. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Constipation will no longer stay.

What natural remedy you use for constipation? Tell in comments. Keep Sharing.

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