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Anxiety is the human emotional state which almost everyone faces. Many people feel anxiety in certain circumstances. Few people face anxiety in at specific situations like during an exam or test, performing or speaking on stage, making an important decision of life. People may face fear, uneasiness, cold or sweaty hands, problems in sleep, dry mouth, short of breath etc. These are the symptoms of anxiety. People with major anxiety disorders need the medical advice. But people who have fewer symptoms of anxiety can get relief by some home remedies. There is a home remedy which works well in anxiety – Chamomile. Here in this post, I will tell you how to use Chamomile to reduce anxiety and stress.

How to Use Chamomile to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Can Chamomile Reduce Anxiety?

In some research on clinical laboratory, it has been showing that Chamomile help to relax anxiety.  It also reduces the anxiety and stress. In the study concluded at University of Nottingham Medical School, it has been found that chamomile help to reduce the anxiety. It relaxes the blood vessels and makes muscles fibers smooth. In an another study of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, it was proved that chamomile is an effective herb in reducing the anxiety and depression.

How to Use Chamomile to Reduce Anxiety and Stress?

Chamomile contains apigenin and luteolin chemicals, these chemicals help to reduce the anxiety and depression. The compound called Matricaria Recutita in chamomile also help to reduce the anxiety. Let’s see how to use chamomile for Anxiety?

Drink Chamomile Tea

You can drink Chamomile tea to reduce the stress and anxiety. Chamomile herb is available in shops. It comes in tea bags. You can purchase the chamomile tea bags. Boil water and put the chamomile tea bag in it. After some time, you can drink this tea to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. If you drink this tea on a regular basis it will help to reduce anxiety completely.

Take Chamomile Supplement

Chamomile herb supplement is available in the market and can take to reduce anxiety. I recommend you to consult with a specialist before taking a supplement. Chamomile supplements are available in capsules in the market. The 60 capsules bottle of Chamomile supplement can be purchased from amazon.com. It is priced at $5.99 for 60 capsules. Consult with the doctor to know when and how much to eat these capsules.

Use Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil can be used to fight with anxiety, stress, fear, and depression. If you face sleeping problem due to anxiety then chamomile oil is good for you. Chamomile oil bottles can be purchased from shops. You can message with chamomile oil in the morning or before going to bed. It will reduce the anxiety symptoms and can help to get proper sleep. Chamomile oil was given to the Roman soldiers to reduce the anxiety and depression due to fight. It helps them to get proper sleep and ready for fight next day.

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Chamomile is an effective herb to reduce anxiety and depression. The ingredients of this herb also help to reduce the insomnia effect. It reduces the stress in muscles and blood vessels. It also works in the brain to provide it relief from over thinking and stress. In this post, you know about How to use chamomile to reduce anxiety and stress. You can take chamomile supplements, you can also drink its tea, and you can message with chamomile oil. These are ways to use chamomile for anxiety.

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