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Sesame seed is only seed that is completely filled with calcium and iron. This is very well-known and widely used for medication and health purpose. Sesame seed is complete health package food. It contains protein, good fat, dietary fibre, calcium and iron. If you use it daily it will complete most of your calcium and iron need.

Sesame seeds are available in three colours black, white and red. All three colour variants of sesame seeds are rich in good elements. But black sesame seed is considered most healthy. Let’s see how to eat sesame seed for calcium and iron?

Sesame Seed Nutritional Benefits

You know now that sesame seeds are rich in calcium and iron. But these are not only nutritional elements found in sesame seed. It is filled with protein, vitamin B-6, magnesium, potassium and dietary fiber. This seed complete almost all your vitamin and mineral needs.

Nutrient Value % Daily Value*
Calcium 975 mg 97%
Magnesium 351 mg 87%
Iron 14.55 mg 81%
Dietary Fiber 12 g 48%
Protein 18 g 36%
Saturated Fat 7 g 35%
Potassium 468 mg 13%

* % Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Fact are taken from United States Department of Agriculture

How to Eat Sesame Seed for Calcium and Iron?

How to Eat Sesame Seed for Calcium and Iron?Image Source

Chew Raw Sesame Seed

Sesame seed is more effective when eaten in morning. To eat sesame seed for calcium and iron take about 25 grams of sesame seed. Chew it properly in morning, don’t just eat, chewing properly is important. And drink one glass of cold water. This will relieve pain from your muscles and joints, and strengthen your teeth and hair.

Eat Sesame and Palm Sugar Round Balls

To eat sesame seed for calcium and iron heat sesame in a pan and mix palm sugar in it. Prepare round balls of sesame and palm sugar. Eat one ball every morning, this will supply iron and calcium to your body and strengthen it. Sesame is little hard to digest so do not eat it more than one ball.

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Mix Crushed Sesame and Palm Sugar

If you eat soaked and crushed sesame it is more beneficial. Soak sesame in water for whole night. Crush them to prepare paste of soaked sesame. Mix 20-25 grams of palm sugar in 50 to 100 grams of sesame paste. Eat it daily to supply minerals and vitamins to your body. It is a good way to eat sesame seed for calcium and iron.

Consume Sesame Seed Oil

To get calcium and iron from sesame seed you can also consume sesame seed oil. Oil of sesame seed is also very effective. It is being used for medical purpose since ancient times. You can body massage with sesame oil. This will provide calcium and iron to your muscles and joints. It will strengthen your body.

To strengthen your teeth you can massage it with sesame oil. Massage it once in a week and it will tighten your gums. You can also try gargles of sesame oil 2 or 3 times in a week. Sesame is effective even applied externally. That’s why its oil is used for message in joints and muscles.

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These were few ways to eat sesame seed for calcium and iron. Sesame seeds are covered with a layer of oxalic acid. This acid does not let properly absorb calcium in body. This is why it is suggested to first soak sesame in water about 15 minutes. Rub sesame to remove its outer cover and then eat it.

Sesame seeds are heat in nature, it is advised to consume it less than 25 grams. Try to consume it in morning and do not eat in evening or night. Consuming more than 10 grams in pregnancy can cause problems. So do not eat it more than its limit.

Tell us how you eat sesame seed to get its calcium and iron? Keep Sharing 🙂

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  1. Faizal Vawda says:



    Thanks for sharing

    Please send a recipe to make a drink of sesame seeds soaked (overnight)in water in case I decide to change from milk to sesame seeds. Could I add the crushed seeds to milk?

    I make the following drink by preparing it overnight:-


    It is very good for vigour and vitality and memory. (god willingly the good effects like eating a food for 21 consecutive days will be noticed)

    1 mug of milk soaked overnight with:-
    9 crushed almonds
    2 teaspoons date syrup or 4 finely chopped dates/i dont get palm sugar
    pinch elachi powder
    1 whole elachi
    3 threads of saffron

    Warm milk. Bring to steaming hot but not boiling.

    Serve in mug to which is added a little raw honey.

    Keep well

    Faizal Vawda

    Faizal Vawda
    South Africa

  2. shams mujaddidi says:

    Thanks for taking the time to provide these great information,is skinned sesame seeds that are sold for food toppings have the same food value as natural unskinned ones?Also if you roast the seed a bit would it change the value again? Thanks

  3. A sesame seed enema will give your cheeks a healthy glow, and REALLY make your turds look unique.

  4. I used to powder this sesame along with rice flakes and jaggery then store it. Everyday when going to office i carry some quantity from it in a samll box and have it from office. Heard its very good for body builders as well since its rich in protien.
    Moreover this mixture is tasty aswell.

  5. Remember that only UNHULLED sesame seeds contain that much calcium. Most sesame seeds on market are hulled, therefore have several times less calcium.

  6. Sugar prevents absorption of Calcium!!!

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