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Ear infections are most painful problems in adults and kids. Kids are more affected by this problem than adult people. Most ear infections are caused by the bacteria which may start with cold or a sore throat. This hurts so much, you may also feel itching. There are several home and natural remedy of ear infection. The most effective one is onion. You may be thinking, how to cure ear infection with onion? Here are methods to use onion for the ear infection.

How to know that you’re Kid has Ear Infection?

Children’s who speak can tell what problem they are facing, but infant can’t tell. Your little kid cries in pain but can’t tell you. There are some signs that tell your kid has an ear infection. If your baby is pulling or scratching his ears means that he has pain in the ear. If you see yellow or whitish liquid draining from the ears of your child, it means he has an ear infection. The child may also suffer from diarrhea or vomiting.

How to cure Ear Infection with OnionImage Source: healthsourceofstillwater.com

How to cure Ear Infection with Onion?

Onion is normally used in making food, but it has many medicinal uses too. Onions can cure the infection. Juice of onion can heal ear infection, also using hot onion to provide warmth to the ear can reduce the pain and infection. Here is how to use onion for the ear infection.

Use Onion Juice for Ear Infection

To prepare onion juice for an ear infection, take one onion and chop it to make its slices. Then put chopped onion in a bowl and cook it in the microwave for 1 minute. Now, wait for 4-5 minutes to cool it down. Strain it to get onion juice. Put 2-3 drops of onion juice in your ear that is infected. Wait for some time and turn your head to drain the onion juice from your ear.

Heal it with Warm Onion

The warmness of onion is good for the ear infection, it provide relief from the pain and cure the ear infection. The warmness of onion reduces swelling and itching caused by infection in the ear. To use warm onion for infected ear, chop an onion in half. Put it in the microwave to cook at 350-degree temperature. Cook it for 4-5 minutes. Check that onion is not too hot, check it by touching. Now put the warm onion on the infected ear and cover it with a long cotton or wool scarf. So that warmness of onion can heal the ear properly. Keep it until the onion gets cool. Do it many times in a day.

Onion is really good in curing infections. It kills the bacteria and help to recover faster. These were the methods to cure ear infection with onion. If pain continues for 6-7 days and onion does not heal it, then you should contact a doctor. You may have the different problem that should be diagnosed.

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  1. Amber Gardner says:

    Thanks. I’ve tried the juice and the relief was amazing. Infection is not gone, but will keep trying. Not sure how many times a day I should put juice in ear.

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