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Coriander is plant normally 50 cm long, its seeds are used as spices and herbs. Leaves of coriander are also used to garnish dishes. Smell of its leaf is very fresh that add extra flavour to your dish.

Coriander seeds are being used to cure diabetes since a long time. Also in many studies it has been proved that coriander is helpful in reducing diabetes. Coriander reduces the glucose level of your blood. It also maintains the insulin activity. Coriander is a traditional natural remedy to treat the diabetes. Let’s see how to cure diabetes with coriander seeds? But first let’s discuss about the research that tells the effect of coriander on diabetes.

Effect of Coriander seed on DiabetesImage Source

Effect of Coriander on Diabetes

Study published in US National Library of Medicine indicates that coriander seed is effective in controlling the insulin release from pancreatic beta cells in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Ethanol extract from the coriander seed was effective in reducing serum glucose. Also it was effective in increasing the insulin release from the beta cells of the pancreas.

Also another study indicates the presence of antihyperglycaemic. This compound is helpful in controlling insulin releasing and insulin like activity.

How to cure Diabetes with Coriander Seeds?

Now you know the effect of coriander on diabetes. To cure diabetes you need find ways to consume this amazing herb. Here are few ways to include it more in your diet.

Include Coriander seed Powder as spices in your food

To cure diabetes with coriander seeds, you can use coriander seed powder as spices in your food. Coriander powder makes your dish tastier and also it does not let your blood sugar increase. Increase the quantity of coriander powder when mixing them with other spices, this way you will consume more coriander.

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Use Raw Coriander Seed in your food

Another way to cure diabetes with coriander seeds is you can add them raw in your food. Raw coriander seed can be used in curry, soups and gravies. It will change the taste of your dish and also does not let the glucose level increase in your blood. Coriander also improves your digestion, adding them in your food is more beneficial.

Drink Coriander Water

Drink Coriander Water - How to cure Diabetes with Coriander Seeds?Source

You can drink coriander water to cure diabetes. To prepare coriander water take 10 gram of crushed coriander seed. Then add 6 part of water in it. Let it soak in water for a whole night. In the morning filter and remove the seeds of coriander, drink the water. This coriander water helps to cleanse your body and also maintain the blood sugar level.

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Add Coriander Leaves in your dishes

How to cure Diabetes with Coriander Seeds - Add Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves also have the properties of reducing blood sugar. To cure diabetes coriander leaves can also be added in your dishes. Fresh leaves added extra taste and make your dish more energized. You can use add coriander leaves in salads and curries. Leaves of coriander are best way to garnish dishes. Use of coriander leaves increases the fullness of food.

Store crushed Coriander seeds in Pepper Mill

To cure diabetes with coriander seeds you need to consume it more. Placing roasted crushed coriander seeds in pepper mill on your dining table increase chances that you consume it more. Sprinkle extra coriander on your food.

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Traditional uses and latest researches confirms the goodness of coriander for diabetic patients. Its effect on non diabetic people is also same. It does not let your blood sugar increase, helps your body to regulate the insulin level, improves digestion. It also lowers cholesterol, works as muscles and joints pain reliever, and many other health benefits. To cure diabetes with coriander seeds you need to consume it more. Try to find ways to include it in your dishes.

Tell your method to use coriander for diabetes in comments? Keep sharing…

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  1. baber bilal says:

    babar bilal. i m impressed by the good ness of coriender . it really helpsto redice the bllod sugar level , its good helping hand to immune ur life circle

  2. Very good article .coriander seeds also stop the hyper acidity &effective in controlling cholesterol at normal level.Pitta levelof body also remains under control & reduce the biliary headache in hot season & person suffering acidity.It is rich in Magnasium mineral & gives lots many enzymatic metabolism benefits.

  3. If you soak coriander seeds overnight, do you also eat the seeds? Do you consume them first thing in the morning?

  4. I make coriander powder, by putting the seeds in a processor. How much should I take per day, to be beneficial?

  5. I am now try coriander seeds to see if my blood sugar will came under. I want to avoid diabetes.thank you

  6. Abdul Akram says:

    Thank you very much for this valuable information. I m glad to know that daily use coriander seeds that is commonly used in Indian kitchen is useful to cure diabetes. I m sure that only God made food and stuff can cure diabetes but not any medicine made by human being . Whatever, human being produce they produce for their personal gain but makes anything for the benefits for whole universe.

  7. I been drinking coriander drink in the morning and at night for a week i see no results. I been boiling coriander leaves. should i be using seeds instead, to lower blood glucose.

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