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You heard many times that to build muscles and gain weight you need to create calorie surplus? You are thinking, what it is? How to build muscles by calorie surplus?

Every food that we consume provides energy to the body. The body uses this energy to do all things including functioning of the organs, repairing tissues and building new ones. If you want to gain weight you have to supply extra energy to your body. The body converts this extra energy to muscles and fat.

How to Build Muscles by Calorie SurplusImage Source: muscleandfitness.com

What is a Calorie Surplus?

A calorie surplus is consuming more calories than your body need, the extra calories that you consume is called calorie surplus. Suppose your body needs 2000 calorie in a day to complete all tasks, and you eat 2500 calorie, then you are creating a 500 calorie surplus. This extra 500 calorie will not be used by the body, so body converts this energy to fat and store it for emergency purpose. So, if you want to increase your body weight then create a calorie surplus.

How to create Calorie Surplus?

The basic thing requires to create calorie surplus is to know how many calories your body need in a day. To know this, you need measurements of your body like age, gender, weight, height, and your daily activity. These measurements can be entered in calorie calculator and it will calculate your daily calorie need.

How to Build Muscles by Calorie Surplus?

Now, you know that you can create calorie surplus to build muscles. But, if the body gets extra calorie its first option is to store it as fat. How do you build muscles?

To build muscles by calorie surplus you have to train your muscles. During strength training, muscle tissues are broken. It is an emergency for the body to get it repair quickly. The extra calorie that you consume is directly sent to your muscles tissue, for repairing the broken tissues. This is how you build muscles by calorie surplus.

How much calorie surplus is good for building muscles?

You cannot build muscles overnight by creating a huge calorie surplus. It is a slow process, if you create a huge calorie surplus, you will gain fat rather than building huge muscles. So it is important that you create adequate calorie surplus that minimise fat gain and help muscle building.

You need to create 200 to 250 calorie surplus in a day. It is idle for building muscles with strength training. If your daily calorie need is 2000 including activity like strength training then you should consume 2200 to 2250 calorie in a day. You should plan and count every single calorie that you consume.

Create a food log, write everything that you eat, ahead of it write its calorie. The total sum should not exceed than your daily goal. Here are some online tools to keep track of your food.


A calorie surplus is a nice method to gain weight and build muscles. But do not go for high-fat food to create the calorie surplus. Eat foods that have complex carbohydrate and unsaturated fat. Stay away from foods that are high in saturated and trans fat. Do regular muscle training and measure your calorie intake. You will add pounds of lean muscles to your body.

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