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Success of every diet plan depends on how much it is easy. A diet plan that you and your body easily accept always succeed. One main reason of failed diet plan is that you have not properly planned it. When you are going for a new eating habit it is good to prepare everything in advance. You should automate it so that you can easily accept your new eating habits. I am telling you how to automate your diet plan? These are the tips for easy dieting.

How to Automate your Diet Plan – Practical Tips on Dieting

How to Automate your Diet Plan - Practical Tips on DietingImage Source

STEP 1: Prepare a List of Food

To automate your diet plan, first thing you must do is to prepare the list of food. In this list you should include food that you will eat and also that you will not eat. This is the most important list that will help you throughout your diet plan. It will work as a reference when you get confuse in choosing the food.

In the food to eat list add a column of optional food. This will be your reference on what to eat when you can’t find the main food. It is a substitute food that can be taken instead of the main food. Here I am showing sample of Excel Sheet that you can prepare:

How to Automate your Diet Plan - List 1 - 2

STEP 2: Clean the Unwanted and Junk Food

Next step to automate your diet plan is removing the food not to eat from your kitchen and home. For example if you do not have the white rice in your kitchen then it will easy to avoid the carving of it. Check the list of food not to eat prepared in first step and removes them from your kitchen. You can also pack those food items in a bag and put it away in store-room till you complete your diet.

If you are living with other people who want to eat those foods, then you can separate them from your food to eat.

STEP 3: Purchase your Food in Advance

Purchasing your food items in advance is a good idea to automate your diet plan. People often become lazy in the mid of their diet to purchase the foods. You cannot purchase or store foods like vegetables and fruits for long time, but other food items like grains can be stored. If you are not on a long diet then it is good idea to purchase vegetables and fruits and store them in refrigerator.

STEP 4: Prepare the List to Eat one day before

Next and most important step to automate your diet plan is to prepare the list of food that you are going to eat next day. Make it a daily practice before sleeping; include the recipes and food items in a list. This list should be categorised by eating time like breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. Count the total calories that you consumed everyday and compare it with your daily target. Here I have a sample of excel sheet that you can prepare to automate your diet plan:

How to Automate your Diet Plan - List - 3

STEP 5: Use a Weight Loss Management Tools

Weight loss management tools can help you to automate your diet plan. Mostly these tools are online based and keep track of your diet and calorie consumptions. In these tools you can list the food what you have eaten and calorie consumptions of it is automatically added. Various reports of these tools help you to analyze your diet plan. See 5 Free online tools to keep track on your weight loss plan.

TIP: Don’t Completely Ban your Favourite Food

You should not completely ban your favourite food. Banning your favourite food can be the most frustrating. It can make your diet plan unsuccessful. I am not asking you to eat high calorie food but you can try to convert your unhealthy diet to healthy. You can check the possibilities to remove the high calorie item from your favourite food. You can also decide to eat it once in week as a reward. Rewarding encourages you to become strict on your diet.


It was how to automate your diet plan? The more organized you will make it more easily you will complete it. Plan everything in advance. Full your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables so you should not think about what to eat in the middle. Also, keep track on the food items that you eat and daily calorie consumptions.

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