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You might ask, what is the need of this article? Why you have written health tips especially for movie lovers? Watching movie is not injurious to health.

My friend, you are right, watching movies is not harmful to health. Watching so many movies continuously is.

If you watch one movie a day, then you should not worry about your health. But if you are a crazy movie lover like me, who watch more than two movies a day. Then you should pay attention to your health. Believe me it is not going to disturb you, just follow these health tips for crazy movie lovers.

Health Tips for Crazy Movie Lovers

Health Tips for Crazy Movie Lovers

Intervals are Good

I know you hate intervals, I hate it too. It just come in the mid of the movie and disturb us.

What if I say intervals are good? Yes, intervals are good for your health and for the movie too. In interval you leave your seat and walk around. It is good for your health. It also increases the suspense of movie.

In intervals I often review the story walking around and try to guess what is going to happen next. When you watch movie, your brain runs at slow speed. It just processes the video. When you try to guess the story in interval, it becomes active.

Movie hall intervals are fixed, but you should also take intervals while watching movie at home. Check the duration of movie and decide at what time you are going to take interval. Walk few steps, review the story in your mind and press the play button.

Check outside Weather

Movie freaks people find very less time to go outside. After multiple movie sessions, their interest in real world decreases.

If you are crazy movie lover, you should accept it. You should also accept that there few health disadvantages of becoming a crazy movie freak. So, prepare yourself for it.

You should set a fix time to go outside, just walk, shop, eat or whatever you like. Spend at least 1 hour outside. It will connect you with real world and increase your happiness level.

Train your Body

Everyone should exercise, but movie lovers, they need it badly. Crazy movie lovers rarely move their body. They keep watching movies for long time and become a calorie bank.

Sitting all time and watching movies slows down your metabolism. Your body goes in sleep mode and start preserving energy (calories). This stored energy is visible in form of fat and many diseases.

Your heart pumps at slow rate, it is not applied to horror movies ๐Ÿ™‚ If you exercise you will be able to pump your heart, burn those extra calories. Then no one can blame movies for your increased belly.

Drink More Water

I often postpone my thirst in ahead of movie hunger. I only get up to drink water once the movie ends. Water is the second most important element to live for a human. It is very important that we drink it at appropriate time.

Once you feel the thirst, you are already hydrated. So to overcome with this situation, I made few adjustments.

Before starting the movie I fill a bottle of water and put it on my side. Drink it in between of the movie. It is good way to not disturb the movie and keep the water level maintained.

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Avoid Fast Food Eating

Another health tips for crazy movie lovers is to avoid eating fast food. Packets of chips and soda drink finished while watching movies. Eating something spicy with a spicy movie has strong relation.

When my back to back movie starts I feel that something crunchy and spicy should be in my mouth. Everyone with me thinks about chips and fast food.

This is not good food to eat. It will make you fatty. I you are fond to eating and watching movie then consider some good food instead of junk. You can eat roasted peanuts, roasted chickpeas, almonds, walnuts, popcorn (Low Fat), etc. There are so many healthy options to eat.

Follow the same habit in movie hall; donโ€™t eat junk food in intervals. You can have popcorn but no soda drink please. It is a calorie drink and also it does not have any healthy ingredients.

Try Reading

There is huge difference in watching movies and reading a story. When you watch a movie you see and think what the movie show you. But when you read, you imagine, you think, you create, and you live in that story.

I am not asking you to quit watching movie and start reading. I am asking you to try reading. Just skip one movie and get a good novel to read. First you will feel it is not as entertaining as movies but when you keep reading, you feel the difference.

People who read are more creative, their mind becomes sharp. Reading is exercise of your mind. If you want to become smart then try reading.


These are the health tips for crazy movie lovers. Watching movies is fun, to keep this fun continue, you should take care your health. Make few changes and opt healthy style of watching movies. Do not become a zombie, you are living and prove it to yourself.

What is your healthy way to watch movies? Tell me in comments.

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