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Lots of people have problem that they don’t sleep deeper. You sleep whole night but still don’t feel fresh. Your sleep is disturbed many times in night. Sleeping deeply depends on many reasons. If you are sleeping in a noisy place then you will never reach deep sleep. Where sleeping in peaceful environment make your body fully fresh when you awake in morning. Let’s see such 5 elements of deep sleep – How to sleep more deeply?

5 Elements of Deep Sleep – How to sleep more Deeply?

5 Elements of Deep Sleep - How to Sleep more Deeply?

1. Peaceful Environment

Peaceful environment is first element of deep sleep. Your bedroom should be away from the noise and disturbance. When you sleep in noisy environment your mind didn’t goes in deep sleep. Noise attracts attention of your mind which prevents it from complete rest. So you should remove all noise disturbances from your bedroom.

You should get repaired your noisy fan, AC or Cooler. Noise of these instruments also prevents you from deep sleep. Take care of your bed; be sure that bed sheets and pillow covers are clean and properly spread on the bed. A good mattress and bed sheet is optimum for deep sleep.

2. Things you Do before going to Bed Every Night

Next elements of deep sleep are the tasks that you do every night before going to bed. You should try to do the same thing every night before going to bed. Repetitive actions like washing your feet, mouth, brushing your teeth and wearing same night-dress every night help you to go in deep sleep. Such action signals your mind to start the procedure of sleeping.

People who have the problem with sleep they should try this. If you are not habitual of doing same thing every night then you should start it. You can start walking before going to bed. 15 to 20 minutes of walk before bed make your body tired and let it sleep more deeply. Wash your feet and mouth with same soap. Try to do it daily it helps you get deep sleep.

3. Deep Breathing

Speed of your breath at the time of sleeping is another element of deep sleep. When you reach to the bed you should take deep and slow breath. When you take deep breath your body supply more oxygen to your mind. It helps it to rest properly. With help of this oxygen mind can do its tasks easily during sleep. To gain more deep sleep you should deep breathing at the time of sleeping.

You can also try meditation or yoga which encourages taking more deep breath. Yoga and meditation help your mind to relieve stress.

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4. Eating Banana or Drinking Warm Milk

Eating banana or drinking one glass of warm milk is helpful for deep sleep. Banana and warm milk both contains tryptophan. Tryptophan element helps you to relieve stress and stay happy. Stress is the big issue in taking deep sleep. You can take it as a before bed snacks. Taking banana and warm milk is also helpful for your stomach. It keeps them in good state.

Melatonin, the sleep hormone is found in the banana. This hormone signals your body and mind for sleep. It is good to have a banana before bed to sleep more deeply.

5. Altering your Thoughts

Thoughts in your mind at the time of sleeping are another elements of deep sleep. It has been seen that people who have good and positive thoughts before sleeping gone is deep sleep easily. So you should always alter your thoughts in the bed. Remove all the toxic thoughts and replace them with thoughts that make you happy.

Another good idea to alter the thoughts is feeling gratitude. Start counting your blessings. Think about good things that are in your life. There are countless good things in everyone’s life. You should make it daily practice to sleep more deeply.

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These are the 5 elements of deep sleep. These tips help you to sleep more deeply and awake fresh. A deep sleep gives you energy for whole day. You will feel more productive in your work. It is necessary that you stay away from the disturbance during sleep. Using electronic gadgets like mobile, tablet, laptop engages your mind and does not let it rest completely. So, do not use these things at least before 30 minutes going to bed.

What you do to sleep more deeply?

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  1. I always wake up in the mdidle of the night if I’ve been drinking the night before.Alcohol metabolizes into sugar, and a sugar rush in the mdidle of the night probably isn’t so good for sleep.

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