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Tips to Avoid Acidity

Now you have seen the symptoms of acidity, causes, and natural remedies. Here are some extra tips to avoid acidity. Follow these simple strategies to avoid the heartburn.

1. Eat on Time- If you eat your meals on fixed time daily then your digestive system will easily digest the food. It is good practice to avoid acidity. Always, prefer to have a proper gap in each of your meal. Eat 3-4 hours before going to bed at the night.

2. Avoid Spicy Food- Mostly acidity occurs due to spicy food. Avoid as much as you can, if you have consumed spicy food in one meal then try to eat simple food for the next day.

3. Don’t Lie Just after Eating- When you consume the food, the glands in your stomach start producing the acid to digest it. When you lie there are chances that these acids reflux to the upper part of the stomach which causes heartburn.

4. Chew your Food Properly- While eating doesn’t just swallow the food, chew it properly so that the salivary can mix with it. It will help to easily digest the food.

5. Reduce the Alcohol- If you are facing heartburn more often, then it may be due to the alcohol consumption, cut down the amount of alcohol.

6. Avoid Eating Acidic Foods- Reduce the amount of food that are high in acid. Foods like oranges, lemon, tomatoes, grapefruit etc are acidic. If you eat it more then it can cause acidity.

7. Cut Soda Drinks- Most soda drinks make the acidity worse, so cut down a number of soda drinks.

8. Reduce Tea and Coffee- Tea and coffee also create heartburn. It is good to reduce the amount of tea and coffee to avoid acidity.

9. Drink Lots of Water- Water helps to flush the extra acids in your stomach. So, always drink enough water to reduce the heartburn.

10. Exercise and Reduce your Weight- If you are overweight then there are chances to develop acid reflux more often. Reduce your weight to reduce the problem of heartburn. Exercising also helps to regulate the acidity level of your stomach. So, exercise often.

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Acidity is not a disease but a condition which occurred due to some disturbance in your stomach. The acidity reduces if you try the above natural remedies or take antacids. If you keep facing heartburn problem more often and these medicines of acidity won’t work well for you then it is the time to consult a doctor. He will diagnose your problem and try to resolve it with other medicines. Apply the tips to avoid the heartburn. In this post, you have read the symptoms of acidity, causes of acidity, and natural remedies to cure acidity. Now, apply these solutions to get rid of heartburn. You can comment your queries, I would like to solve them. If you have any other working solutions of this problem, then comment it also, it will help other readers.

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