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When we involve too much into something, slowly it becomes our habit. But the addiction, there is huge difference between addiction and habit. Addiction is kind of disease or biological process that we got into something so deeply.

People are addicted to certain types of foods, books, movies, clothes or a sport. There are some sorts of addictions that not only waste your money but put you in serious medical conditions. Here are 7 worst addictions and how to avoid them?

7 Worst Addictions and how to Avoid them

1. Alcohol

One of most addictive thing is alcohol. People drink it to get relaxed and enjoy the various moment but soon it becomes worst addiction. When you are addicted to alcohol you feel more carving for it. Without alcohol you can’t concentrate, you can’t work, you can’t even sleep.

Soon after you realise many personality changes due to alcohol addiction. A person addicted to alcohol may feel anger, depression, sadness and other personality change.

Alcohol 7 Worst AddictionsImage Source: treatment4addiction.com

Why is alcohol so addictive?

When a person consumes alcohol, brain starts producing endorphins and dopamine chemicals. These chemicals slowly cut you from the senses and thoughts. Also, removes the sense of pain and produce satisfaction. Mind starts carving of more alcohol to produce more satisfaction and joy. This is the reason it is so addictive.

How to not get addicted to alcohol?

  • To not get addicted to alcohol, the best thing you can do to stay away from it.
  • If you like to drink it, then make sure that you drink it occasionally, like in party or in celebrations.
  • Fill your stomach with water before drinking alcohol. You will drink less alcohol; also it can’t damage your health more.

2. Drugs

Drugs are the second worst addictions you should never fell into. This addiction usually starts in teen age when a teen start using drugs for pleasure and enjoyment. But soon their body got addicted to these drugs and they can’t live without it.

Drugs change the structure of your mind to provide temporary relief and pleasure. You are spoiling yourself for just a few minutes pleasure.

7 Worst Addictions / DrugsImage Source: homedetox.co.uk

Why drugs are so addictive?

Chemical in drugs affects the working of brain’s communication system. These chemicals abrupt the nerves that sends information to the brain. Slowly it starts affecting the brain’s reward system that produces joy, happiness and love. Your brain becomes addictive to these drugs. Without these drugs you will not feel the joy or happiness.

How to avoid drug addiction?

  • If you find a drug to get relieved from stress then it is warning sign. You should act immediately. Find a better healthy alternative to remove stress.
  • If you are depressed then you need counselling not drugs.
  • Teens easily get addicted to drugs. To avoid this create a healthy and good environment in house. Spend time with them, and make an easy communication.
  • If someone in your family was addicted to drugs then you should follow extra caution to avoid it.

3. Tobacco

Tobacco is the most common and worst addiction. It is worst because 30% of cancer deaths are caused by tobacco. It is an easily available and most used addictive material. There is no healthy use of tobacco.

People consume tobacco in form of smoking and chewing. It produces quick relaxation by fooling the brain.

Tobacco / 7 Worst Addictions and How to avoid themImage Source: fightdrugabuse.com

Why tobacco is so addictive?

Tobacco contains a substance called nicotine. When a person chews or smoke tobacco, nicotine enters to the blood and reaches to the brain. Nicotine signals the brain to produce adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone that produces excitement in the body. When you keep using tobacco your brain becomes addictive to this.

How to avoid tobacco addiction?

  • Using tobacco for joy is not a good idea. It gives you so much health disadvantages.
  • Tell yourself about the diseases that tobacco causes. It will keep you away from it.
  • If you are already addicted to tobacco then ask for the help. There are some tobacco replacements medicines that can help you recover.

4. Gambling

Another worst addiction is gambling. Gambling is fine when it is done for fun and enjoyment, but when curse to earn money is involved in it, it becomes dangerous. People start selling everything for money. In last, they lost everything even their family and friends in this game.

Person who is addicted to gambling first make it secret and feel that he will surprise others with a big win. Later on, he feels more carving of gambling. If your friends and family express worry about this habit, then it is warning sign.

Gambling / 7 Worst Addictions and how to avoid themImage Source: lifeprinciples.com

Why gambling is addictive?

Excitement, fun and the money makes gambling so much addictive. People who got addicted to gambling feel that they are going to change their life by winning billions, some day. Work pressure, anxiety, big losses are the reasons people get attracted to gambling.

How to avoid gambling addiction?

  • Gambling is not going to change condition of your life. Remember there is no shortcut to get money and success. You need build more trust on yourself.
  • If you are worrying that you could be addicted to gambling then talk to your family and friends. They will motivate you get out of this.
  • Spend more time with your family. You will win guaranteed every time when you bet your time on your family.
  •  If there is so much problems in your life, then try to change the situation. Nothing is impossible if you try.

5. Love Affairs

Another worst addiction have been seen in people is love affairs. Sex is a need of body; it gives pleasure and relieves stress. But when someone is too much involved in sex, it becomes addiction.

Normally it is not harmful, but when a person got addicted to sex, he often put himself in many unsafe relationship situations. All the time his mind demands for sex, slowly he loses interest in real world and his work.

Love Affairs / 7 Worst Addictions and how to avoid themImage Source: thedailybeast.com

Why love affairs are so much addictive?

Love affair is addictive same way the other addictions works. People start it for relaxation and enjoyment and slowly their mind adopts it. After sex your body produces a hormone that removes physical and mental stress. A person who is addictive to sex is actually addicted to that hormone.

How to not get addicted to love affairs?

  • Practice honesty and loyalty. The more loyal you will be with your partner, lesser you go outside for sex.
  • Cut yourself from the person to whom you have relationships. Delete their contact numbers and un-follow them from social networks.
  • Do exercise. Exercise is a good way to boost internal strength and it is good way to stay away from love affairs.
  • Develop good habits. Invest you time in cultivating good habits. The more you will busy less you will feel carving for sex.

6. Food

A food addiction is when you keep carving for certain foods even you are not hungry. It is one of 7 worst addictions. In food addiction people keep eating a particular food without worrying about its side effects.

Person addicted to a food does not feel full until they eat that food. If it is not available they go market to purchase it. They do not feel happiness without eating that food.

Food / 7 Worst Addictions and how to avoid themImage Source: foodaddictionscience.com

Why some foods are so addictive?

Food that contains fat, sugar, spices and salt give pleasure to your mind. Your mind produces chemicals like dopamine when you eat such foods. These chemicals help you to feel good. Once you feel good after eating a food. Brain’s reward system asks for more so that it can produce more joy. These chemicals in your mind override other signals. This is why you keep eating a food even you are not hungry.

How to avoid food addiction?

  • Monitor your eating habit. Ask yourself, do you feel more carving for certain foods?
  • If you love some foods then eat them only on special occasions. It is good way to avoid food addiction.
  • Replace the food that you carve more with a similar food that is less harmful. Then gradually reduce its quantity.
  • Never eat when you are not hungry.

7. Internet

Internet addiction is the most common addiction that is found. When you feel emptiness, low and depressed without internet you may be addicted to it. Internet is filled with so much exciting things videos, music, games and most addictive social networks.

It all starts with an internet connection and lead to make you live on internet. You start giving more priority to your social networking friends than the real life friends. You feel lonely when no likes your photos. You feel sad without watching videos online.

Internet / 7 Worst Addictions and how to avoid themImage Source: awaremed.com

Why is internet so addictive?

Internet is addictive because there are endless tasks that you can do. There are so much fun things on the internet. You will see updates of other peoples, you comment, others comment. You keep checking for the new comment. There is so much interesting information on internet that you keep checking.

How to avoid internet addiction?

  • Set time limit every time you go on internet and strictly follow this limit.
  • Don’t keep checking the social networks and your e-mail all day. Set a schedule for it.
  • When you get time for enjoyment, do hangouts with real life friends in real locations.
  • Always focus to make internet productive, not time-consuming.


These are the 7 worst addictions and how to avoid them? There is so much interesting thing to do than to stick to these addictions. Observe your lifestyle and keep reminding yourself that you will be away from any type of addictions. Find some time to spend with yourself. Find the real way to relieve stress, talk to your family, and do meditation. These are the ways you can avoid addictions.

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