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Acne is the most common problem of people. The more common problem is acne, the more myths about it there. These myths should be removed from people’s mind in order to provide better cure of acne. Here are 7 surprising myths about acne. You should read these myths, if you also believe in these then correct your knowledge. Here is complete guide on acne, you can also read it.

7 Surprising Myths about Acne

7 Surprising Myths about Acne

Myth 1:- Acne is a Teenager Problem

Most teenagers face acne problem but it is not true that acne is a teenager problem. It is just a myth. People also can have acne in their 20s and 30s. It has been seen that people up to age of 45 years also face acne problem. So, it is a complete myth.

Most teenagers face acne problem due to hormonal imbalance. But this isn’t meaning that other age group people don’t face it.

Myth 2:- Scrubbing your face removes Acne

Another surprising myth about acne is spread in people that scrubbing face removes acne. This isn’t true. Scrubbing your face doesn’t heal acne. You can temporary remove the bump on your face but it will convert into blackheads. So don’t scrub your face hard.

Acne is caused by clogged pores and scrubbing your face will not help you. It may increase inflammation.

Myth 3:- Acne don’t need Treatment

People think that acne appears automatically and goes away automatically. You don’t need to treat acne. This is wrong. If you don’t seek treatment these can cause more problems. Before it get worse, seek help. Go to your skin doctor.

You can also try some home remedies of acne. Home remedies are good to heal your acne. When you don’t see any improvement then seek the doctor.

Myth 4:- Stress has nothing to do with Acne

Another surprising myth about acne is that people doesn’t think that stress can increase acne. It has been seen in many studies that acne gets worse when people are stressful. Students get more acne during their exam. It has also been observe that human body produce more sebum when it is in stress. Sebum is the main cause of acne.

Don’t think that stress doesn’t increase your acne. If you affected with acne, then try to stay away from stress.

Myth 5:- Acne is caused due to the dirt

People think that acne is caused by the dirt. It is another myth. Your acne is not caused by pollution or dirt. There are different causes of acne but not dirt. Yes, if you already have acne then exposing it to dirt and pollution can increase inflammation. Bacteria in dirt can increase infection. Dirt is harmful when you have acne, but it is not responsible for acne.

Definitely, dirt is not good for your skin, whether it causes acne or not. So stay away from dirt.

Myth 6:- Moisturizer can cause Acne

Another surprising myth about acne is moisturizer can cause acne. No, moisturizer doesn’t cause acne. In fact they can help you to avoid acne. It has been seen that dry skin has more clogged pores than skin that has moisture.

You can apply little moisturizer on your skin but don’t apply heavy creams.

Myth 7:- Makeup is Enemy of Acne

People think that makeup is enemy of acne. To avoid acne we should not do makeup. This is not true. However, there are non branded products that can be harmful for your skin. But they don’t actually are the reason of acne. Where, some makeup can give you relief from acne.

Mineral foundations like zinc oxide, silica and titanium dioxide if applied in powder form can be good. These powder based foundations absorb excess oils from skin and help you to avoid acne.


These are the 7 surprising myths about acne. People have fear about acne in them and fear is the main reason of spreading the myths. You should stay away from these myths. If you face acne, go and consult with a good doctor.  He is the best person who can give you best advice. Don’t listen to these myths.

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