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Last few months I am trying hard to reduce the fat of my lower abdomen. Somewhat I succeed by reducing the fast food and other high calorie food from my diet. But the results are not satisfactory. So, I am going to start a 7 Day Challenge to reduce weight and get flat belly. These 7 days will be totally dedicated to weight loss and reducing fat from my lower abdomen. Are you with me?

7 Day Challenge to Reduce Weight and Get Flat Belly

7 Day Challenge to Reduce Weight and Get Flat Belly

What is the Challenge?

Challenge is to completely stop taking food that are high in calories and low in nutrition. In these 7 days I will also do few exercises to make my abs muscular. Cardio is great way to increase the consumption of calories and reduce fat fast. So I am also going to do some cardio. If you are also accepting this challenge then check below the full details and guidelines.

Foods not to Eat

1. Sugar

Sugar is mainly responsible in increasing fat in the body. It does not contain any nutrients that are going to help your body in any case. The amount of sugar our body need is satisfied by other foods like vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. There is no need to eat extra sugar. This is why I have decided to not take it during 7 Day challenge.

2. Rice (White)

Excess eating of white rice is also responsible in increasing fat in body. You can eat rice at moderate level but when it comes to lose weight it is not a good idea. Rice contains the large amount of carbohydrate which increases body weight. So this food is also in not to eat list.

3. Processed Food

Processed food like pasta, Maggie, macaroni, and other packed food that is prepared and packed in factory are high in fat. These foods are not prepared to take care of your health. They are prepared in a way so that they can last fresh for long time. So I am not going to eat these foods in this 7 Days challenge.

4. Fast Food

Fast foods are fast in increasing the body fat. Foods like pizza, burger, French fries these foods are high in fat and calorie. These types of food are very low in nutrients and high in fat. So why to eat them?

Foods to Eat

1. Nuts

Nuts like almond, cashew, pistachios are good food. These nuts are healthy options for everyone to eat. Nuts are low in calories and contains the good amount of fat that is necessary for our body. These foods are rich in protein. Nuts keep our heart healthy.

You can chew one handful of almond and cashew in the morning. Eating nuts in morning is most beneficial in case of weight loss. These can also be used as evening snacks.

2. Grains

In the food to eat list we have grains. You can eat few types of grains in 7 Day Challenge to reduce weight and get flat belly. Grains like wheat and corn are healthy options. You can also use semolina but in very moderate level. Semolina is high in carbohydrate.

3. Pulses

All types of pulse are healthy options to eat. Pulses like lentils, chickpeas, pea, green gram, sesame, kidney beans, black lentils etc. You can prepare soup of these pulses and can take it in lunch and dinner with bread. While preparing pulse keep oil and spices low.

4. Vegetables

All type of vegetables is good for losing weight and increasing the immunity of body. In this 7 Day challenge, try to eat broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, and other healthy vegetables. You can prepare any dish of these vegetables but keep the oils and spices as lower as you can. Potatoes are high in carbohydrate and can cause the problem in your weight loss. So you should not eat it so much.

5. Fruits

Fruits are your best friend. You can eat almost every type of fruit in this 7 Day challenge to reduce weight and get flat belly. Few good fruits are apple, orange, beetroot, guava, watermelon etc. You can eat fruits in your breakfast and in evening snacks. You can also eat bananas but do not take more than one in a day. I suggest to not eating it.

6. Water

Your best forever friend is water. I suggest you to drink at least 8-10 glass of water in a day. Water makes you fulfilled and you will feel less hungry. You can avoid eating by drinking one or two glass of water.

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Exercises to do in 7 Day Challenge


Walking is great way to increase the calorie burn. If we walk for 1 hour we can burn 150-200 calories. Sit less and walk more. If you can’t get outside to walk then use stairs as your walking track.


15 minutes of running can burn 90 calories. So running should be in your list. You can also bicycling instead of running to burn fat. I am going to bicycle for 30 minutes every day.


This is the simplest exercise you can do even in your bedroom. Jump for 1 minute and take 10 second rest. Again Jump for 1 minute. Repeat this at least 5 times.

3 Set of Abs Exercises

This is the 3 set of abs exercises that is going to strengthen the core of your abs. These exercises will help to make your abs muscular and fat-free. You have to do it one by one. For example, first do one set of crunches then reverse crunches and then plank. Repeat it for three times.


To do crunches laid on a mat and fold your legs to put feet on the floor. Place your hands on head so that you do not use its force while exercising. Now move your upper body upside towards your folded legs. You should keep your legs on the floor doing this exercise. If you can’t move without letting your legs shaken then you can take support of anyone who does not let your legs move. Do it for 10 times.

Crunches - 7 Day Challenge to Reduce Weight and Get Flat BellyImage Source

Reverse Crunches

In crunches you were moving your upper body towards legs, but in reverse crunches you have to move your legs toward your upper body. Do it for 10 times.

Reverse Crunches - 7 DAY CHALLENGE to Reduce Weight and Get Flat BellyImage Source


To do plank, you have to lift your body with the help of your forearms and your fingers of your leg. Place your forearms on the floor and lift your body with your legs fingers. You have to stay in this position for 30 seconds. See in the image:

Plank - 7 DAY CHALLENGE to Reduce Weight and Get Flat BellyImage Source

Note: – You have to complete this 3 set of exercise without resting or 5 seconds of rest between each set. If you think that you can do more repetition then you should do it. Increase the repetitions and time of plank once you get comfortable.

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These are exercises I am going to follow in this 7 day challenge to reduce weight and get flat belly. You should also follow the same pattern.

I will do it for 7 consecutive days and will share the result in a new post on 4th March 2015. I also invite you to share your experience and results of this 7 day challenge there.

You can ask any questions, comments and give your suggestions in the comments.

See the Result of this Challenge

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