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Do you feel low during your workout? Are you finding difficult to achieve the workout target in the gym? If your answer is yes, then you need to review your whole day activity.

Working out in the gym is not just 1 hour of the task. You need to take good care yourself from sleep to diet even when you are not exercising. Here are 6 ways to increase performance in the gym. These ways surely increase your performance and you will be able to achieve your target body.

How to Increase Performance in the Gym?

6 Ways to Increase Performance in the Gym

1. Let your Muscle Rest

If you find low energy and soreness during the exercise this is because your muscles don’t rest properly. You need to take proper 8 hours of sleep in the night so that your muscles can be repaired and get ready for next exercise session. Sleep more when you can. If you can’t get time to sleep then take a nap before starting your workout.

I often take 30-40 minutes of a nap before hitting the gym. I do my workout in evening. Exhausting day tasks make me tired, 30-40 minutes of nap works as an energy booster for me. I feel refreshed and energized during the workout. You can also use the same technique to increase performance in the gym.

2. Supply Protein to your Body

A person, who exercises need to eat a good diet. The diet should contain enough amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fat. If you don’t like to track all your food micro-nutrients then just concentrate on protein. Just be sure that you eat enough protein (1 gram per Kg of your Weight at least) because protein is the required thing to repair your broken muscle tissues during the workout.

If you eat less protein then the energy of your body is consumed by those broken tissues and you feel low in the gym. You will be unable to lift heavy and perform enough reps of the exercise. I often feel low in the gym when I don’t eat enough protein. The day works great for me when I take enough sleep and protein. Also, drink enough water during the day so don’t get dehydrated during the workout.

3. Take a Pre-Workout Supplement

A pre-workout supplement can help you increase your performance during the workout. These supplements are designed to boost your energy just before the exercise. Pre-workout supplements contain carbohydrate, protein and isolated amino acids, good fat and caffeine. These ingredients and mixed in a way that help you get more energy in the gym. Some other ingredients of pre-workout are creatine, fat-burner hormones, and antioxidants.

Pre-workout not just boost your energy during exercise but also help you burn more fat and build more muscles. The pre-workout also help you to recover fast after a strong exercise session. So you can take pre-workout supplements to increase performance in the gym.

4. Sip Water multiple times during Exercise

Another way to boost your performance in the gym is sipping water multiple times during exercise. When you exercise hard your throat and body needs more water. It is good to drink few sip of water when you switch your exercise. For Example, if you are doing bench press then perform all the sets of bench press then sip water before switching to next exercise. This way you can keep yourself hydrated and your energy will be maintained during the whole workout. If water is far away and you don’t want to waste the time then keep a water bottle with you. This way you will not waste your time.

5. Use Stopwatch

Use stopwatch to calculate the rest time between each set. When you don’t calculate rest time between sets you start wasting your time and the energy. You started looking other people’s workout and uses more time than you should take a rest. Taking more rest between the sets can help you little to perform the next set but this will make you exhausted and your exercise will be less efficient.

1 to 1.5 minutes of rest in between the sets is enough. Finish your whole workout within 45-50 minute. Just wait to reduce your heart beat and control your breath, then perform the next set. You can use your gyms watch to calculate the rest time or you can download any stopwatch application on your mobile phone.

6. Use Increasing Weight Technique

Exercising with increasing weight technique is definitely an effective way to increase performance. In this technique, you perform your first set with a normal weight and in next set you increase the weight and reduce the reps. This way you will lift more and build more without lowering your energy level.

For example, you are performing barbell bicep curl and you normally lift 10KG of weight. Perform your first set with a 10KG weight and do 10 reps. In the next set increase the weight by adding 2.5 KG plates each side and do 8 reps. Do the same in next set of exercise. With this, you will activate your inactive muscle fibres and build more muscles without getting exhausted in the gym.


Now you know the 6 ways to increase performance in the gym. All you have to do is to follow the above and repeat it. Slowly you will start increasing your performance in the gym. You will start lift more and build more muscles. Remember bodybuilding is a slow process and if you don’t follow the basic things it becomes slower. You can thank me by commenting.

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