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Most of us drink tea as a beverage. Some drink it hot and some cold. Do you know that your tea can be medicine if you add few other ingredients to it? Yes, tea can be a good natural remedy if you add some ingredients. It can boost your immunity and give your relief from many health problems. Here are 5 ways to convert your tea into medicine.

Tea is good for your health but when you add milk in it, it starts creating a digestive problem like gas. To use tea for good health, you should stop adding milk to it. Further, you can add some natural remedies to it to make your traditional tea a medicine.

5 Ways to Convert your Tea into Medicine

5 Ways to Convert your Tea into MedicineImage Source: healthline.com

1. Benefits of Using Ginger in your Tea

There are so many benefits of using ginger in your tea. Adding ginger to your tea convert it into a natural remedy that cures cold, cough, and stomach related problems. Ginger tea boosts your immunity and increases your digestive health. It is helpful in improving the blood circulation. If you feel nausea problem while travelling then before travelling, you can add ginger in your tea. Drinking ginger tea is helpful in reducing the vomiting and nausea problem due to the motion.

2. Benefits of using Cloves in your Tea

You can add cloves in your tea it works to make it work like medicine. If you want to drink a tea that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants then add cloves to your tea while preparing it. This tea helps your immunity to fight with different environmental pollutants that can cause serious diseases. Its antioxidants are helpful for your skin health.

3. Benefits of using Lemon Juice in your Tea

Another way to convert your tea into medicine is to add lemon in your tea. Drinking lemon tea corrects many digestive problems like indigestion, gas, acidity. Vitamin C of lemon is important for bone and skin health. It reduces the free radicals that are the cause of skin aging. Antioxidants of lemon tea are also good for skin. It controls the blood sugar level and ensures proper blood circulations by clearing the blood vessels. Limonoids of lemon have been found effective in reducing the growth of cancer cells in research.

4. Add Fennel and Cumin Seeds to your Tea

If you want a natural medicine that is effective in correcting the digestive disorders like constipation and indigestion, then use your tea. Add fennel and cumin seeds to your tea and convert it into medicine. Fennel and cumin seeds correct the problem in your intestine. It reduces inflammation inside your stomach and corrects its functioning. Fennel seeds are effective in treating constipation. Cumin seeds reduce cold and headache.

5. Benefits of using Salt in your Tea

There are many medicinal benefits of using salt in tea. I remember it when I was feeling irritation in the throat due to cold and cough. My mother said that add salt in your tea and it will correct your throat. It is a great remedy I added salt in my tea and my throat irritation was gone. Not only this adding salt in tea made it good medicine for your stomach problems. It reduces inflammation in the body. When you add salt in tea its taste will change; I would say you will like the taste.


These are the 5 ways to convert your tea into medicine. All above formulas are effective when you do not add milk in your tea. Prepare it simply and let your tea be the medicine. Common health problems can be avoided by just adding a few ingredients in your tea then why to go for medicine?

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