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In our daily life routine we have fall in such eating habit that is unhealthy for us. We eat foods that are easily available to us, no matter it is healthy or not. This eating habit drags us in big health problems slowly. We need to make just few changes in our eating habit and diseases will be far from us. Here are 5 tips to convert your unhealthy diet to healthy. These tips can be easily cultivated.

5 Tips to Convert your Unhealthy Diet to Healthy

Convert your unhealthy diet to healthy

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1- Choose your Snacks Smartly

In an unhealthy diet snacks contains the most of the calories you consume in a day. If you make it healthy you won’t have to struggle much with other meals. You think that just eating unhealthy snacks doesn’t make big impact on your health but it is not.  A hamburger contains around 300 calories and 14 grams of fat. So a hamburger is not just a hamburger, it is unnecessary calorie you are taking.

You will have to observe your snacks and eating habit. Make a list of healthy and unhealthy snacks, and another list of the snacks you eat daily. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy. As an example you can replace cookies with almonds and chocolate bar with apples.

Most time we fall back to the unhealthy snacks because of the lack of time to prepare them. You need to prepare and full your snacks stock in advance.

2- Pick the colourful Vegetables and Fruits

Pick more and more colourful vegetables and fruits you can in your plate. Different colour veggies and fruits are packed with different health benefits. For example red vegetables are rich in antioxidants lycopene that make your body resistant to the diseases.

Orange and yellow veggies and fruits provide your body vitamin A. Vitamin A is helpful in improving the vision, it also take care of your skin, bones and teeth. The more colours you eat, more health benefits you will get.

Visit the store and pick different colour of fruits and vegetables because one colour is not enough. Bring them home and eat when you like.

3- Finish Veggies First in the Plate

Another tip to convert your unhealthy diet to healthy is to finish the vegetable’s dish first in your plate. This way you will fill most of your stomach with healthy food and if there is any hunger remains then eat other items.

The fruits and vegetables you eat have digestive enzymes, it will help you to digest the remaining food you eat. Vegetables and fruits have the fibre, which also improves the digestive system.

When I start eating first the salad and dishes made with fruits and veggies, I observe significant improvement in my digestion. It also increases my hunger. This style of eating is really good.

4- Choose Fruit instead of Juice

Eating fruits are more beneficial than to drink it. When you juice the fruit you only get the goodness of the liquid. Fruit juice contains more sugar and no fibre, this can end your weight loss plan. Eating a fruit and drinking the juice is not same.

A glass of orange juice is made with around 3-4 oranges, which means you will consume the sugar of 4 oranges and still you will feel hungry. While one or two oranges, if eaten will fill your stomach without consuming that much calories.

Fruits reduce your sugar level and control your high blood pressure. Replace the juices with real fruits and convert your unhealthy diet to healthy. When in the morning you drink one glass of juice take an apple, it is more beneficial to your health.

5- Include Whole Grains

Whole grains are healthy for you. They contain most of the nutrients and fibre. Whole grains items like whole grain bread, whole grain pastas are the healthier option. This will supply essential fibre to the body and you will feel more fullness by eating just few. This is an efficient way for weight control.

Replace your white bread with brown bread, use brown rice instead of white rice, and pick popcorn at the place of potato chips. In store purchase such items which are whole grained. This way you can convert your unhealthy diet to healthy.

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With a little planning and care to the foods you eat you can convert your unhealthy food to healthy. This is good habit that will improve your health conditions and will not let you to fall in any diseases easily. What you do to convert your unhealthy diet to healthy? Tell me in comments.

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