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Runners need such foods that can give them slow and steady energy. They have to run for long time. Runners should not eat such foods that are not easy to digest. Also, they should avoid foods that create acidity and gas. Here I am sharing 5 foods that runners should avoid. These foods runners should not eat especially when they are about to start their running.

5 Foods that Runners should Avoid – What Runners should not Eat?

5 Foods that Runners should Avoid - What Runners should not Eat?Image Source

1. Foods High in Carbohydrate and Fibre

Foods that are rich in carbohydrate and fibre are hard to digest. These types of food creates gastro-intestinal problem in athletes. It is better to avoid such foods night before running.

Foods like whole grains, white bread, brown bread, high fibre fruits are heavy foods and can create the problem. You should create your plan for the food, and should not include such foods. If you still need to eat fibre foods then choose low fibre vegetables and fruits.

2. Energy Drinks and Soda

If you are going to run for long time then you should avoid energy drinks and soda drinks. Most energy drinks contains caffeine and sugar. Drinking it too much can create urinal demand. Also in few researches it has been seen that high consumption of caffeine increase heart pumping rate and stress. So runners should avoid taking caffeine. However few people like to take caffeine before running. It just depends upon you. Most of sodas contain only sugar and flavours, so it is useless to drink them. Keep your body light by avoiding it.

3. High Fat Dairy Foods

High fat dairy foods should be avoided by runners. Foods like milk, cheese, ice-cream, butter and yogurt should not take before one night of running. These foods can cause gas in stomach that may lead to pain or fatigue. So it is better to avoid these foods. It is good to observe your symptoms after eating such food earlier. If you feel any problem then you should avoid it completely before a big run.

4. Cookies, Cakes, and Fast Foods

Runners should avoid cookies, cakes and fast foods before running. These foods are tough to digest and can create stomach problems. Fast foods are high in salt and low quality ingredients. These foods can create stress and can increase your heart rate at the time of running. So it is good idea to not take these foods before running. Cookies and cakes are gastro foods so these should also be avoided.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol is something that should be avoided by the runner. It is ok to take beer in celebrating the victory. But it is not good to consume large amount of alcohol. Alcohol reduces your stamina. If you are trying to run for hours then definitely you should not drink too much alcohol. Diuretic nature of alcohol can make you pee often. Alcohol causes dehydration that can cause muscles injury. High amount of alcohol drinking effect stays up to 72 hours on body’s cells. And if you get hangover then it will be hard for you to run.

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These are the 5 foods that runners should avoid. Runners need healthy and light diet that is easy to digest. Runners should avoid foods that can cause gastro effect. Foods that are highly spicy and salty runners should not eat because these can increase the heart rate. A runner needs to avoid such foods.

What food you avoid as a runner? Share it with your friends.

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  1. Dr Umesh K Dash says:

    Except alcohol, non of the above foods should be required to be avoided by the runners. High quantity of fatty food may be add to your weight just days before your marathon as you are tapering your running schedule, but moderate quantities can be consumed. Other foods including high carbohydrate and fiver food, energy drinks are especially important, as they will empty your bowel and provide instantaneous energy during running. Yogurt an Lassies are very essential to look after your electrolyte requirements and energy needs better than the any commercial preparation

    • Hi Dr Umesh K Dash,

      Are you suggesting to eat foods rich in carbs and fat the night before the run? Every runner would like to keep their stomach light when they run. Well, a moderate qantity of carbohydrate foods can be consumed. I didn’t ask to avoid them comletely. Maybe you haven’t read the post completely.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂 Your feedback is important to the readers..

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