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I always want to go the gym. I always want to build muscles and look huge. But I never tried. I asked myself that what the reason is? I could not get a clear answer except few excuses. One day I saw a person with huge muscles bath in sweat returning from the gym. Then I realize that I have to kill these excuses and fears of myself to hit the gym. I force myself to go the gym and my fears gone. Those fears I feared are not true. They don’t exist in reality. Let me tell you about those 5 fears that stop you from exercising and how to overcome it?

5 Fears that stop you from Exercising Image Source: thesmithclinic.com

Fear 1 – I cannot handle the pain

The first fear that is not letting you exercise is the fear of pain. You think that you can handle the pain that will cause by exercising. People who don’t even exercise will tell you that if you go to the gym you will face a lot of body pain. You believe that gym or exercising gives pain. I feared about the pain too. But when I start exercising after some this fear is gone.

The truth is you will face pain a little when you start exercising. This is because you start using your unused weak muscle fibres. This hurts a little for few days. But when you keep exercising your muscles fibres becomes strong. The pain gone from your muscles and strength resides. You have to face this little pain to get huge strength.

 Fear 2 – I cannot lift those weights

Another fear that stops you from exercising is that you think that you are too weak to lift weights. You think that you cannot lift the weights that other bodybuilder lift in the gym. This is why you don’t go to the gym. Before starting a gym, I was a weak guy who couldn’t even lift 30 KG properly. I was thinking I am so weak how can I lift weight in the gym?

No one asks you to lift all the weights in the gym. It is true that you are weak, but if you want to be strong there is only way – lift. Lift weights that you can. Start exercising with no weight in the bar. Soon you will be able to lift a little more. You will become stronger. You are weak to lift those weights but to overcome weakness you have to lift.

Fear 3 – I will not find time for myself

This fear that you will not find time to chill if you start going to gym is stopping you. You think that extra hour that you use to chat with your friends on Facebook will be gone when you start going the gym. You think that you will have less time to study, to watch film or TV, to relax.

It is not that much hard to extract just 1 hour from 24 hours for exercising. You open Facebook and realize that 2 hours have been spent, but you didn’t do something useful other than liking or commenting. More than 1 hour time you lose doing nothing in a day. The time spent in the gym is the best utilization for you.

Fear 4 – I will ruin my social life

Another fear that stops you from exercising is you will ruin your social life. You think that you will not be able to hang with your friends. You fear that you could not attend parties and drink alcohol when you start exercising. I was thinking that if I start exercising I will have to leave my favourite food.

Attending parties and drinking alcohol occasionally is not banned for people who go to the gym. Neither eating favourite food is banned. The person who exercises becomes more conscious about health. You just start eating more healthy foods. You can surely have your favourite food if it not that much healthy then you should limit it whether you are exercising or not.

Fear 5 – What People think of me?

You will not even ready to accept this fear, but yes you are afraid of people this is why you are not going to gym. You are thinking my friends will make a joke on me that I am going to gym. People will say look at that person he goes to the gym. You think all the fun you were making of gym persons will be upon you now.

Break this fear, if you were making fun of bodybuilder then it is not meant that you can’t exercise forever. You know exercising is important for your health. Maybe your friends make fun of you for some time but later they praise your progress. It’s time to break the fear and hit the gym.


These are all 5 fears that stop you from exercising. You have to find your fear and kill it in order to bless yourself a healthy and muscular body. You have to force yourself to go gym and exercise. Soon you will realize that how exercising will improve your overall appearance in people. You will increase your strength and health.

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