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Passive anger or Passive aggression is kind of anger which is hidden. In some circumstances, if a person can’t express his or her anger in oral or behavioural manners, this emotional state is called passive anger. If I make it more simple, passive anger is a hidden anger. If you are anger to someone and you can’t express the aggressive behaviour to that person. Then your emotion will come out in passive aggressive behaviour. The other person is unaware that you are angry. The expression starts coming out as avoiding, stopping communication, making excuses, unpredictable behaviour etc. This kind of anger is most destructive. It does not just create a big gap in the relationship but it also destroy the productivity and the personality of the person. People with long passive aggressive behaviour may need physiological help.

Here in this post, I am going to tell 5 best self tips to overcome with passive anger. It is better for you to overcome with this behaviour as soon as possible. This behaviour is killing your personality and ruining your career. It is better to identify the passive anger symptoms and take actions before it becomes your nature.

5 Best Self Tips to Overcome with Passive Anger

5 Best Self Tips to Overcome with Passive Anger

1. Observe your Passive Aggression

Observe your Passive Aggression - Passive Anger

The first self tips to overcome with passive anger is to observe your aggressive behaviour. You need to closely observe what situations, people, and events trigger your passive aggression. You can also note down on a paper about these. If you clearly know the triggers of passive anger it will help you minimise the reaction at that time. If you don’t like a person in your office or you don’t like some particular habits of your partner, simply list all these problems. You should also note the behavioural changes happen due to these situations. Like, procrastinating, avoiding, non-communication, unpleasant moods. Promise yourself that you will not overreact on these triggers. Now, when these events happen you will know all the behavioural changes about to happen because of that. You can simply skip these emotions without spoiling your mood.

2. Communicate with the People

Communicate with People - Passive Anger

The second tips in 5 best self tips to overcome with passive anger is communication. If you have the problem with the particular people or actions they take. It is better to talk with them about it. If that person is your well-wisher he or she will stop taking that action. But if you have a problem with a guy in your office and he is not your friend then it may worsen the situation. In this situation, you should start interacting with them. Often Peoples are good when you observe them closely. It is better for you to make them your friend. Knowing them more simply kill the hate. Your passive aggressive behaviour will also go. Avoiding, neglecting, and non-communication will increase your problem more. You may think that it is better to avoid that person, but avoiding will not help you with passive anger. It is the main symptoms of passive anger. Communicate for your own benefits.

3. Cultivate Some Good Habits

Cultivate Some Good Habits

The most working thing you can do overcome with the passive anger is to cultivate some good and healthy habits. You need to replace your sad mood with happy and productive thoughts. The first habit you should develop is giving yourself proper time to change. If you know that you have a problem with the some situations then don’t just overwhelm. Give yourself some time to change. Another thing you can do is telling yourself that conflicts and disagreements are usual. You should tell yourself that different people have different views and thoughts. The disagreements on something are common. This habit will help you cover yourself from being negative. Start your mornings with a positive happy thought. Take healthy breakfast and stay in start your day with happy mood. The situations and other people behaviour are not in your control. Things which you cannot control, simply let them go. Hanging on the situations you cannot control will only increase your problem. Developing good habits is best self tips to overcome with passive anger.

4. Get Ready for Unpleasant Events or Tasks

Handle Unpleasant Events - Passive Anger

Another best thing you can do to overcome with passive anger is getting prepared for unpleasant events or tasks. You should tell yourself that there are different types of people with different views. In the real world, there are events which you like as well as there are some events also which you don’t like. You should be getting prepared for these events. In your office, you can be given such tasks which are not relegated to you or you don’t like. You should be mentally prepared for such unpleasant tasks. Tell yourself every morning that you will not react negatively on the events or tasks which you don’t like. You may feel unhappy because of this but if your boss has given any task you will have to do it somehow. So, it is better to not act negatively and destroy your mood. This aggressive behaviour will not only reduce your productivity but also affect your relationship beyond the work life. This way you will be able to overcome with passive anger.

5. Get Yourself the Dose of Success

Give yourself the Dose of Success

In the 5 best self tips to overcome with passive anger, it is the best thing you can do. The dose of success will boost your confidence to tackle situations opposite to you. The success is your best dose to remove the negative things from your life including anger. The anger of irritation happens on things which you feel you cannot do anything about that. The success gives you confidence that you can handle this situation also like past. This success can be achieved in any form. You can be successful in learning a new language, you can be successful in removing any bad habits, you can be successful in building a healthy lifestyle etc. There are many easy things in your life which can be cracked to build the success history. Or you simply can recall your past success story. In every morning or before sleeping you should recall the past things which you have achieved. This positive energy will not only remove the passive aggression but also boost your confidence to achieve the goals of your life.

Your Turn

I have done my part with these 5 best self tips to overcome with passive anger. Now, it is your turn. You have to apply these tips in your life for removing the passive aggression from your behaviour completely. You should be patience for some time to completely overcome. It may take some time to change your habits. Stay positive and keep practising the positive thoughts. Surely these techniques will help you. If your passive aggression has gone over your control then you must seek the help of an expert psychologist. If you have a past of passive aggressive behaviour and you have controlled it, then you can share your techniques to handle passive anger in the comments. You can also comment your questions and problems.

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