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Many people die due to heat stroke in summer. Heat stroke is fatal if not treated in early stage. People who stay outside in hot temperature have risk to get heat stroke. In heat stroke, cooling mechanism of body stops working. Person can lose his life if it is not treated. There are good natural remedies that help in heat stroke. If you take them regularly these will save you from heat stroke. Here are 5 best natural remedies to fight with heat stroke.

How to know you have got Heat Stroke?

If you stays long time in max heat or direct sunlight and feel following symptoms then you may have got heat stroke.

  1. Fever
  2. No Sweating or More Sweating
  3. Vomiting
  4. Headache
  5. Racing Heart Rate
  6. Breathing Uncontrolled
  7. Alteration in Behaviour or Mental State
  8. Redness of the Skin or Face

If you feel few or all of the above symptoms then you may be a victim of heat stroke. Following are the natural remedies of heat stroke. These remedies are good to fight with heat stroke.

Heat Stroke Natural Remedies

5 Best Heat Stroke Natural Remedies

1. Green Mango Soup

Green mango is the best natural remedy for heat stroke. You need to make green mango soup in order to get benefit in heat stroke. To make green mango soup, boil few green mangoes and peel them. Take some cold water and add peeled mangos in water then stoned out them. Roast some cumin. Now make paste of roasted cumin, black salt, mint leaves and small amount of sugar. Add this paste in mango water. Adjust salt according to taste. Take this soup 3-4 times in day. It will keep your body cool and also reduce the symptoms of heat stroke.

2. Extract of Basil Leaves

Basil leaves have extraordinary medicinal usage. It is cool in nature and purifies the blood and maintains the blood flow. Extract of basil leaves are good heat stroke natural remedy. Take 20-25 leaves of basil and now extract the juice of it. Add some sugar and drink it 2-3 times in day, if you got heat stroke.

3. Onion

Another good heat stroke natural remedy is onion. Usage of onions in food and in salad saves you to get affected by heat stroke. Juice of onions is very effective to control the body temperature in case of heat stroke. Its juice can be applied on the chest or forehead or behind the ears to control the body temperature. Roasted onion with cumin is also a good home remedy of heat stroke. Cut an onion and add some cumin to it then roast it. It will reduce the heat stroke symptoms.

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4. Tamarind

If you got affected by heat stroke, tamarind is a good home remedy for you. Tamarind water can be drink to reduce the fever caused by heat stroke. If you have continues fever in hot days then tamarind water is good for you. Boil tamarind in water, when it gets cold mesh it and filter to remove the stones and other parts of tamarind. Add some salt to water, drink to 3-4 time in day.

5. Mint Leaves

Another good natural remedy of heat stroke is mint leaves. Mint leaves cools down the body and improves the digestive system. It regulates the body’s cooling mechanism that’s why it is good for heat stroke. Take 30-35 mint leaves and add some cumin and two cloves to it. Now make it a paste. Mix two teaspoon of this paste in a glass of water and drink it. It will reduce heat stroke symptoms.

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These are the 5 best natural remedies to fight with heat stroke. These natural remedies can be taken regularly in summer days. These not only save you from heat stroke but also save you from other summer health problems. These 5 home remedies are good in improving the digestive system and cooling the body internally in summer days.

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