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I have heard from many people that people in ancient times have strong digestive system. They were good eater and their health was good than us. They usually never face digestion problems even that time there was no doctor available. I tried to know what differences between them and us are. Why we often face digestive problems and why they won’t?

People in ancient times use some optimized tips. These tips were tested and experienced by them. I am listing such 5 ancient tips to improve your digestion.

5 Ancient Tips to Improve your Digestion

5 Ancient Tips to Improve your Digestion


1. They Eat Only at their Scheduled Eating Time

People in ancient time were cautioned to the eating time. They have fixed their eating time and were not taking food before and after this time.

1. Eating Time / 5 Ancient Tips to Improve your DigestionImage Source

People in past thinks that their digestive system is strong in day time. The Fire inside the stomach that is responsible to digest food is directly associated with the sun. That’s why they used to eat their biggest meal from 12 to 2 in afternoon. They don’t eat food after the 6.30 PM. In the evening before 6.30 PM they only eat light food, which is very easy to digest.

I remember my grandmother from my childhood. She was very possessive to her eating time. She never ate food after her fixed eating time. I had seen her to eat very light in evening. And I don’t remember when she got any digestive problem.

2. They always observe their Quantity of Food

Next ancient tip to improve your digestion is to observe the quantity of food. People in ancient time were not eating excess food that their fixed food quantity. They always eat less than hunger.

2. Food Quantity / Improve your digestionImage Source

Overeating can cause several digestive problems. Your stomach can handle a fix amount of food at a time. If you eat larger than this limit, stomach can not easily digest it. It will produce more acid. That will lead to discomfort, gas and other stomach problems.

You may ask – if I eat less than my hunger will it not make me weak? Answer is “No”. Eating excess than your hunger will make you weak. When you overeat, your stomach is unable to properly digest it. It produces more acid to finish the digestion process quickly. This way your stomach can not extract goodness of the food completely.

This is the reason people in ancient times used to leave one third of their stomach empty.

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3. They Sip Warm Water to Boost their Digestion

Sipping warm water is another ancient tip to improve your digestion. In ancient times people use to sip warm water especially in the morning. Warm water clears the digestive system and enhances it.

3. Sip Warm Water / 5 Ancient Tips to Improve your DigestionImage Source

When you slowly drink warm water it is like you are giving warm water massage in your stomach. It helps your stomach to clean it properly. Warm water also heals your internal stomach and makes it fully functional for the meal you are going to eat next.

It was first task in the morning of ancient time’s peoples. They get up and sip warm water to cleanse their stomach.

4. They don’t Drink or Eat Cold Food

People in ancient times never drink or eat cold food. This is another ancient tip to improve your digestion. They always eat normal temperature food. They think that little warm food is helpful in digest. Food that is below the normal temperature is not easy to digest.

4. Don't Eat Cold Food and Water / Tips to improve your digestionImage Source

Digestion is associated with the fire in stomach. Food you eat is digested by the fire. If you eat cold food the fire will not be much effective and food will not properly digest. This is why people in ancient time were not eating cold food. Drinking cold water or drink also reduces the digestion fire.

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5. They never lose Joy

Ancient tip to improve your digestion is to stay in joy. People in ancient times never lose their joy. Stress and sadness also affects digestive system.

5. Joy and Happiness / 5 Ancient Ways to Improve your DigestionImage Source

Your body is connected with mind, in order to make your body fully functional you need to take care of your mind. Mind that is filled with happiness and joy works more effectively. Joy and happiness not just help your mind work effectively it also helps your digestion system.

Ancient time people always try to do such things that make them happy. They do not let stress and sadness destroy their digestive system and health.

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These 5 ancient tips to improve your digestion are effective from that time to till now. We have completely changed our lifestyle. We do things according to situation. When we get time we eat. We fill our stomach overeating in evening. Our body does not work according to situation. We have to do things according to body only then it will work properly. Change your lifestyle and add these ancient tips in it. It will improve your digestion.

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