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Do you sit long time at your office desk to complete your work? Many of us do this. We don’t get time to get up from the seat. You know, sitting long time can cause serious health issues. Your body stays in preserving mode and you start storing calories as fat.

Your body is not designed to sit in a particular position for long time. It needs movement. Sitting long time can create pain in your joints. Back pain is most common problem in people who sit for long time. To rescue yourself from such health disadvantage, you can do few exercises. No you do not need to go anywhere. Here are 15 exercises you can do at your desk.

15 Exercises you can do at your Desk

Source of this info graphic is DesireableBody.

These exercises will stretch your muscles and joints. You will be away from joints pain. Also you will feel refreshed and more concentrated in your work after doing these exercises.

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  1. How to maintain weight even after quitting gym?

    • Hi Asha,

      Thanks for dropping by. If you quit the gym then you must take care of your diet. You can’t take that much calorie you were taking during exercise. Also keep doing some light exercises to burn extra calories like walking, dancing, jogging, cycling etc. Also, you can read this article for information purpose Effect of Quitting Gym on your Health.

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