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Lemon juice is a natural remedy that has many health advantages. You can treat so many diseases with lemon juice. If you use it regularly you can avoid many health problems. Lemon juice nourishes the skin, corrects the digestion and prevents you from cold and cough.

Lemon Juice is rich in vitamin C, calcium, potassium and fibre. It is good for overall health. Vitamin C boosts the immunity and prevents you from many infectious diseases. Let’s see 13 healthy uses of lemon juice.

13 Healthy uses of Lemon Juice

13 Healthy uses of Lemon JuiceImage Source: heyamy.com

1. Use Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

Best use of lemon juice is it is effective for weight loss. Lemon juice is low in calorie and helpful for people who want to reduce their weight. If you drink one glass of lemon water in morning it will boost the metabolism and increase the fat loss from body. Lemon water makes you fulfil without adding extra calories to your body.

2. Lemon Juice Purify your Blood

Lemon has wonderful quality to remove the toxic elements from your blood. It filters bad elements from your blood and makes it fresh. It is good option for those people who recently recovered from a disease like malaria or cholera. It is also helpful in reducing the cholesterol from your blood vessels. Lemon juice has elements that reduce toxic elements like cholesterol.

3. Boost your Immunity with Lemon Juice

One of the best healthy uses of lemon juice is to increase immunity of the body. Vitamin C of lemon juice boosts your immunity and helps you to stay away from many diseases. It is good source of potassium and calcium which improves internal power to fight with health problems. If you want to improve your immunity add lemon in your regular diet.

4. Use Lemon Juice for Itchy Scalp

Lemon juice is also effective in itchy scalp. It reduces inflammation from your scalp. Antiseptic property of lemon juice heals the infection from you scalp and reduces the itchiness. Apply lemon juice directly on your scalp and let it heal for 15-20 minutes. It is little higher acidic so you can add a small amount of water in it.

5. Use Lemon Juice for Dandruff

At the same time with healing your itchy scalp lemon juice is good in reducing dandruff. Citric acid of lemon juice fights with dandruff and help you to reduce them. It nourishes your scalp and removes the dry and dead skin cells, which is the main reason of dandruff. Lemon juice directly can be applied on the scalp or slices of lemon can be massaged.

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6. Use Lemon Juice to Treat your Acne

Another healthy uses of lemon juice is it treats your pimples, spots and acnes. Acidic nature of lemon clears your skin. It reduces the inflammation that prevents acnes from spreading. It is a popular home remedy of acne. Drink lemon water to purify your blood and rub lemon slices directly on acne to get good results. See Acne symptoms causes and treatment at home.

7. Look Fresh and Energized with Lemon Juice

If you want to look fresh and energized then use lemon juice. Apply lemon juice on your face and look fresh. It clears your skin and nourishes it from inside. Also, it removes dead cells from your skin and gives fairer skin. Rub slices of lemon on your face and wash it with water after 5 minutes. You can mix lemon juice in water and can wash your face with it.

8. Use Lemon Juice to Treat Cough

Another healthy uses of lemon juice is it can be used for treating cough and cold. If anyone uses it regularly he will build such immunity that will avoid cold and cough. But if you are already suffering with cough, then it is also effective. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice in two tablespoon of honey and drink it slowly. This mixture will treat cough and cold.

9. Use Lemon Juice to Boost your Digestion

Lemon juice is best natural remedy to boost the digestion. It helps to reduce the problem like indigestion, gas and other intestine problems. It reduces the problem of constipation. Lemon juice is overall healthy option for stomach. One glass of warm water with added lemon juice boosts the digestion and relieves problems from stomach.

10. Control Blood Sugar Level with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is used by diabetic patients to control the blood sugar level. Acidic nature of lemon juice is helpful in digestion of your food, which is necessary to get control of blood sugar. Adding lemon juice in your meal reduces the impact of the food on your blood sugar. If you want to lower down the blood sugar drink lemon water after your meal.

11. Get a good Sleep with Lemon Juice

Another best healthy uses of lemon juice is it gives you good sleep. Lemon juice reduces the tension and anxiety, which is helpful in getting a deep sleep. Lemon juice clears your blood and does not let any problem happen in your stomach. These situations are good in getting good sleep. Add lemon juice in your meal or drink lemon water after your meal.

12. Use Lemon Juice in Asthma

Another healthy uses of lemon juice is it can be used to control asthma problem. Multiple researches shown that vitamin C improves the immunity; good immunity is helpful in reducing the asthma triggers. Antioxidants are found in lemon juice, which strengthen your lungs and do not let allergens to start the asthma attack.

13. Lemon Juice is beneficial in Vomiting

Lemon juice reduces the symptoms of nausea. People who feel problem while travelling like vomiting, lemon juice is good for them. It reduces the symptoms due to motion. Drinking lemon water before travelling is helpful. Also, if a person is having vomiting lemon water is effective in reducing it.

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These are 13 healthy uses of lemon juice. There are so many health advantages of lemon. It is a must have food in every kitchen. You can prepare good beverages with the help of lemon juice. Or simply add it to your meals. It will give you good taste, at the same time it keeps you away from many diseases.

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