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Many of you want to build muscles, you go in gym and exercise like hell. To feed yourself you start eating what you get in front of you. After few months you realise that exercising does not helping to build the muscles you want. You realise that you have gained fat more, than you build muscles.

Muscles building depend 80 % on what you eat and 20 % on the exercise.

When I start going to gym I was not aware about what to eat and what not to eat. Though, that time I was skinny so my gym trainer recommends me to eat more and more. Eating more and more helps but eating right food.

Here I am sharing 11 foods to include in your fast muscle building diet. These foods are high in protein and omega-3 fats that help you to build muscles fast.

11 Foods to Include in your Fast Muscle Building Diet

11 Foods to Include in your Fast Muscle Building Diet

1. Milk

Milk - Fast Muscle Building Diet FoodMilk is all time favourites of body builders. This food contains all the nutrients that are necessary for bodybuilding and keeping it healthy. Milk is easily available to everyone and very good food for building overall health.

It is well-known for the amount of calcium in it. Calcium makes your bones stronger, which is as necessary as building muscles. Milk contains the most natural form of protein. This protein helps you to build muscles and encourages fat loss. Bodybuilding is not just about gaining huge muscles. It is about to building a healthy body. Milk helps you in that.

You can take milk post workout to quickly supply protein to your muscles. 1 glass of milk can be taken as late night snack also. It will fulfil your daily protein requirement. Few people feel gastro problem after drinking milk. If you have such problem then you should not take it.

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter - Quick Bodybuilding Diet FoodPeanut butter is a great source of protein and should be included in fast muscle building diet. Peanut butter is well-known about the quantity of protein in it. It is also packed with great vitamins and nutrition’s. Peanut butter has vitamin E, magnesium and potassium to enrich you. You must include this food in your diet.

Peanut butter is also good food to cut down the body fat. Eating just one spoon of peanut butter gives you good amount of protein for your muscles. It also makes you fulfilled for longer time. That is good for losing fat.

Few people are worried about the fat of peanut butter. Peanut butter contains good fat. This fat is good for your body.

Peanut butter can be used on a brown bread. You can also mix it in your salad and smoothies. Mixing peanut butter in smoothies is good idea to consume peanut butter. This way you will get more benefits of peanut butter.

3. Almonds

Almonds - Fast Muscle Building Diet FoodIf it is about to building muscles then almonds are good food for you. Few pieces of almonds can supply the large amount of daily protein requirement. Almonds are also known as brain food. Nutrition and vitamins of it keeps your brain more active and healthy. This food should be included in your fast muscle building diet.

It has been seen that people who eat almonds feel less junk food carving. Fibre, protein and saturated fat of almonds make you fulfil after eating just few almonds. It also does not add extra calories to your body. This signals that almonds are good food for building clean muscles and reducing fat.

To get best results from almonds you should soak it in water for a night. In morning eat it by chewing properly. The more you chew it, more benefits you get. You can also make paste of almonds and mix it with the milk. This is also a good way to eat it.

4. Chicken

Chicken - Quick BodyBuilding Diet FoodAnother food to include in your fast bodybuilding diet is chicken. This food is high in protein that helps you to build muscles. Chicken is famous food of body builders. Chicken have essentials fatty acids that is helpful in building body. Phosphorous of the chicken keeps your bone healthy and strong.

Chicken is good source of selenium. Selenium is good in stopping the risk of arthritis disease. It has been also proved that it keeps heart healthy. Vitamin B5 of it helps you to reduce the stress level.

There are multiple ways to eat the chicken. You can take chicken soup as snack for quick supply of protein to muscles. There are plenty of chicken cooking methods to try.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli - Fast Muscle Building Diet FoodBroccoli is considered as most healthy food in the world. This food is also most beneficial to include in your fast muscle building diet. Broccoli is good source of protein and fibre. Fibre is good for your heart and protein is good for your muscles. If you are looking for food that has great impact on reducing the body fat and same time building the muscles then broccoli is for you.

It is an easily available food that can be purchased from the stores. Don’t ignore it. It is good food for those who have high cholesterol. If you are worried that you have eaten high cholesterol foods to build the body then, start eating broccoli, it will decrease the cholesterol.

Best way to eat broccoli is to half cook it in steam. This way you will be benefitted with more nutrients from this food. You can also half boil it. Find recipes and mix it with other vegetables where ever you like.

6. Lentils

Lentils - Quick Bodybuilding Diet FoodIn the list of 11 foods to include in your fast muscle building diet next food is lentil. This food is good source of natural protein. This food is a great source of protein for vegetarians. Lentils also help in decreasing the cholesterol level and increasing the heart health. When you start eating lentils in your diet you will not just increase your muscle building but you will start increasing your overall health.

Most good thing about lentils is this food adds in muscles growth as well as it removes the bad thing from body, like fat and cholesterol.

To eat lentils you can prepare lentils soup. This is the good and easiest way to cook it. You can also try different other recipes of lentils. Soak lentils in water for a night and then mix them in your salad to get most results.

7. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese - Fast Muscle Building Diet FoodHere we have another food to include in your quick bodybuilding diet. Cottage cheese, it is great source of protein and nutrients. It contains vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is responsible in creating red blood cells in body. Cottage cheese is great source of calcium and phosphorous, which is extremely good for the bones health. Cottage cheese supplies 40 % of daily protein need.

Cottage cheese is a healthy choice to include in your quick muscle building diet. This food is low in calorie and bad fat that is good for reducing fat cells from the body. Eating small amount of it makes you full for long time.

Cottage cheese is eaten with other fruits in breakfast or as a snack. You can mix strawberry or pineapple in the cottage cheese to make it healthier. Cottage cheese is little high in salt; if you are on low salt diet you should consume it less.

8. Spinach

Spinach - Quick Bodybuilding diet foodSpinach is great source of protein and vitamins. This is a very low-calorie food that does not contain any fat also. Spinach contains fibre and carbohydrates which keep healthy your stomach and body. In many research it has been found that spinach is good in avoiding the different cancers. It also keeps your immune system strong and adds anti inflammatory properties to it.

Spinach is good food to include in your fast muscle building diet. It also contains the good amount of iron. This food is recommended to the people who are affected with low iron. Spinach is most suitable food for the overall health as well as building muscles.

To get most benefits from spinach, prepare its smoothie to eat it. You can also boil spinach and then eat. Spinach is good in increasing the blood in the body.

9. Yogurt

Yogurt - Fast Muscle Building Diet FoodYogurt is known as good food for weight loss and muscle building. It contains the large amount of protein which encourages the muscle building. In many studies it has been seen that yogurt is very effective in weight loss. Yogurt help your body to burn more fat cells than other foods. When you eat yogurt its amino acid signals the burn of fat cells.

There are many vitamins and minerals added in yogurt. One cup of yogurt can supply most of your daily need of many vitamins and minerals. It is loaded with the vitamin D and calcium that puts strength to your bones and provides a strong base for the muscles.

There are plenty of methods to eat yogurt. You can eat it plane by adding some sweetener or adding some salt. If you are losing fat then you should not use sugar with it. Yogurt can be taken as post workout snacks for fast recovery.

10. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato - Quick Bodybuilding Diet FoodSweet potatoes are other foods to include in your fast muscle building diet. It is recommended by many body builders that this food should be eaten if you want quick bodybuilding. Sweet potatoes have complex carbohydrate that encourages the fat loss and muscle building.

It is loaded with multiple vitamins and minerals. It has vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, manganese and potassium. These benefits you can get by eating just a medium size sweet potato. It also have the adequate amount of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorous. It is full pack of nutrients for body builders. I think if you regular eat one medium size of sweet potato then you don’t need any extra vitamin capsules.

There are lots of ways to eat sweet potato. Either you boil it or grill it. Its nutrients stay somewhat same. You can cook sweet potato in microwave quickly. Make lots of hole in it with fork and then cook in microwave.

11. Apple

Apple - Fast Muscle Building Diet FoodLast food in the list of 11 foods to include in your fast muscle building diet is apple. Everyone knows the famous quote about apple. “An apple a day keeps doctor away.” It is true for bodybuilder too. Apple should be eaten by every person who wants to build a healthy body. Bodybuilding doesn’t mean that you only eat protein. You should eat everything that keeps your body healthy.

Apple helps your lever to stay healthy by supporting it in digestion process. It is low calorie fruit that means you don’t have to worry about your weight. It reduces cholesterol and makes your heart healthier. Apple boosts immunity that means you stay away from diseases. You can concentrate on your muscle building.

Best way to eat apple is to eat it raw. Few people also like to drink its juice. You can have its juice but if you want to get more benefited then eat it raw. You can also add this to your salad.

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These are the 11 foods to include in your fast muscle building diet. Bodybuilding is slow and continuous process. You have to eat right thing continue for long time to see its effect. But a good diet that includes above foods starts producing result quickly. If you include these foods in your diet, you may not see its effect on body for some time but its effect can be seen in gym next day. You will feel more energized during your exercise.

What is your favourite fast muscle building food?

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