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Anemia or Iron Deficiency is the most common blood disorder. It is not a disease but happens due to lack of Red Blood Cells in the blood. Normally people with Anemia face tiredness, breath shortness, and weakness. On a larger scale, people may face unconsciousness, confusion, and thirst. This is because your blood’s ability to carry oxygen is reduced due to anemia. There is a high risk over the pregnant women of this problem. Normally, pregnant women are treated using the iron pills for this. But people can also use the home remedies to prevent and recover from anemia. Here in this post, I have included 11 best natural remedies for iron deficiency anemia. You can take these remedies and get recovered from anemia.

11 Best Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency Anemia

11 Best Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency Anemia

1. Spinach

Spinach - Quick Bodybuilding diet food

Spinach is one of the most effective natural remedies for iron deficiency anemia. It has a good amount of iron to supply in your blood. This vegetable also has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B9, Fiber, and Calcium. This excellent vegetable not just fights with anemia but also works to improve your overall health. People who take spinach daily gets enough iron so that they didn’t face iron deficiency anemia.

How to Consume Spinach for Anemia?

Include Spinach in your salad – eat salad with your daily meal and include spinach and other green vegetables in it.

Eat boiled Spinach – There is 6.4 mg of iron in one cup of boiled spinach. This only supplies 40% of the daily iron need for women. It is good to eat boiled spinach for anemia.

Drink Spinach Soup – Prepare and drink spinach soup two times daily. Include green leafs of spinach in your soup.

2. Beetroot Apple Juice

Beetroot Apple Juice for Iron DeficiencyBeetroot Apple juice is an excellent natural remedy for iron deficiency anemia. Apple alone is rich in iron and can do better for anemia. When it is mixed in Beetroot its ability to cure anemia also increases. Beetroot contains fiber, potassium, and folic acid. So when you mixed it with Apple juice it works great to recover with iron deficiency.

How to consume Beetroot Apple Juice for Anemia?

Prepare Apple juice and beetroot juice mix it and add honey to it. Drink it daily. You can take apple juice and beetroot juice separately and you can also extract them both at the same time. Adding honey to this juice increases the taste as well as its ability to cure anemia. So, add honey in it for sure.

You can also eat a whole apple and beetroot separately. Try to consume at least one apple in a day and include beetroot in your daily salad. This is an excellent way to cure anemia.

3. Indian Gooseberry or Amla

Indian Gooseberry or Amla - 11 Best Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency AnemiaIndian Gooseberry or Amla is a rich source of iron and vitamin C. Indian Gooseberry not just supply a good amount of iron to the body but it also improves the overall immune system. It also contains Vitamin A, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Fiber, and other minerals. The Indian Gooseberry compound structure of Vitamin C and Iron help to quickly recover from anaemia.

How to Eat Indian Gooseberry for Anemia?

Indian Gooseberry or Amla can be taken in any form. Its benefits remain same if it taken raw, or cooked. You can eat raw Amla on a daily basis or you can take amla powder with water. You can also take the juice of amla to treat anaemia.

Another way to eat Indian Gooseberry to work effectively on an iron deficiency is take its juice with honey. Take half cup of Indian Gooseberry juice and mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey and drink it once a day.

4. Yellow Dock Root

Yellow Dock Root to treat AnemiaYellow Dock Root is the one of the best sources of iron which is naturally available. The combination of minerals and vitamins in the yellow dock helps to increase the absorption of iron in the blood cells. It works to improve the efficiency of blood to generate the hemoglobin.

Way to take Yellow Dock Root for Anemia

You can prepare tonic for Anemia with yellow dock root by yourself. Take 60 grams of yellow dock root, put it into a jar and fill with 1-litre boiling water. Cover it and put for 8 hours or for one night. Remove the roots from the jar and put it on a very low flame. You do not need to boil it, wait till the liquid reduced to one cup. Mix it with 2 tablespoon honey and then make one boil. Pour this mixture into another jar and cool it. Your yellow dock root tonic for anemia is ready. Put it into the refrigerator and take a 1-2 tablespoon daily.

5. Black Currant

Black Currant to Cure AnaemiaIn the 11 best natural remedies for iron deficiency anemia, next remedy is black currant. This natural remedy is also high in iron and vitamin C like yellow dock root. It can magically increase the absorption of iron in the blood and reduce the anemia problem. This berry is rich in Vitamin C which increases the red blood cells in your body.

How to take Black Currant for Anemia?

Take 10 to 12 dried black currants and soak them in the water for a night. Remove the black currant from the water and eat it after removing the seeds. Take it daily before your breakfast.

6. Honey

Honey - 11 Best Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency AnemiaHoney is one of the best natural remedies for iron deficiency anemia. It is a rich source of iron, manganese and copper. The way these all elements are structured in honey they help to generate the red blood cells in the body. Also, Honey is available all over the world. But always ensures the quality of honey before taking it. Always eat thick and darker honey.

How to take Honey for Anemia?

Honey can be taken in any form. You can simply sip the raw honey or you can add it to your foods. Use it as your sweetener in drinks. It can be taken in smoothies, yogurt or simply can be speeded on fruits. You can also take honey in warm or cold water.

7. Pomegranate

Pomegranates - 11 Best Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency AnemiaIn the list of 11 best home remedies for iron deficiency anemia, next remedy is pomegranate fruit. It is a rich source of iron ensure the productions of red blood cells in the body. Pomegranate fruit helps the body for a healthy blood flow. It reduces the anemia symptoms like dizziness, exhaustion, and weakness.

How to take Pomegranate for Anemia?

Pomegranate fruit can be taken raw for best results. The juice of pomegranate is also helpful in reducing the anemia and increasing the hemoglobin content in blood. You can include it in a salad for a tangy taste. For best results consume around 200 grams of pomegranate with an empty stomach.

8. Animal Liver

Animal Liver for AnemiaAnimal Liver is a rich source of iron and minerals. It can easily satisfy your iron needs and cures the iron deficiency anemia. The amount of iron in the liver is different in a different animal. Chicken and Goose liver contain a high amount of iron. Also, the iron in the animal liver is heme iron. The absorption of this type of iron in your body is high compared to the iron found in plants.

Way to Eat Animal Liver for Anaemia

You can consume it in the different way that you like. You can prepare its dishes or you can simply boil and eat it. You should remember that some animal liver contains too much iron that can exceed the daily limit. So, you should not eat it daily. You can consume it occasionally. In the market there are capsules filled with liver powder is available. If you don’t like the raw liver then you can opt for these capsules.

9. Parsley

Parsley - 11 Best Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency AnemiaIn the 11 best natural remedies for iron deficiency anemia, next natural remedy is parsley. It is a rich source of iron. It supplies iron to your body and help to recover from the symptoms of iron deficiency. It is also used to cure bad breath and baldness.

How to use Parsley for Anaemia?

Parsley can be consumed in different ways. You can eat it with your normal foods like you can include it in your salad, juices, sandwich, sauces and any other foods. It is good to add it with any other natural remedy that you take for anaemia. It simply boosts the effectiveness of that remedy.

10. Milk

Milk - 11 Best Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency AnemiaMilk is not a source of iron but it helps in some way to cure anaemia. Often people get iron deficiency because they did not get enough amount of Vitamin B-12. The milk is a rich source of Vitamin B-12. It is also a rich source of calcium which is important for your body.

How to consume Milk for Anemia?

You can simply drink milk or you can prepare its dishes. Warm milk in the night is the best way to consume it. Always, takes low-fat milk. If you face digestive problems after drinking milk then you should not take it. It can increase the symptoms of anemia more if you feel the digestive problem.

11. Iron Pots

Iron Pots - 11 Best Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency AnemiaCooking in iron pots is a great way to consume more iron and cure anemia. It is known that when we cook in iron pots some part of iron goes in our food and then in our body. So, if you have an iron deficiency you must cook your foods in iron pots. The foods that are moisture in nature absorbs a good amount of iron from iron pots.

Further Tips to Prevent Anemia

Best thing is that you don’t suffer from anemia and take important actions to prevent it.

  • Always ensure that you eat a balanced diet that has vitamins and minerals.
  • Consume more green vegetables like spinach.
  • Always eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B-12, like a dairy product, cereals.
  • Ensures that you eat enough amount of Vitamin C, like broccoli, citrus, strawberries etc.
  • Try to cook most of your food in iron pots.

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These were the 11 best natural remedies for iron deficiency anemia. The iron deficiency can be cured by taking these home remedies and foods. In all these 11 remedies best sources for iron are Spinach, Apple Beetroot Juice, and Indian Gooseberry. You need to eat such a diet which include enough amount of iron, vitamin B-12, and vitamin C. Including all these ingredients in your food can quickly recover you from anaemia. These foods are also a good option to prevent it.

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