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High Blood Pressure also known as hypertension is most common problem in most people. Stress, unhealthy diet, fast life is the main reasons of this problem. High blood pressure, if not treated or controlled can cause problems in your heart. Hypertension is the main reason of heart stroke and kidney problems.

People when get notice that they have high blood pressure problem goes to the doctor and start taking medicines. The medicines will only control high blood pressure, it will not cure it until you start taking a good diet and live a healthy lifestyle. There are so many natural remedies that you can include in your diet and cure high blood pressure without taking medicines. Here we are listing such 10 natural remedies to control high blood pressure – hypertension.

10 Natural Remedies to Control High Blood Pressure - Hypertension

10 Natural Remedies to Control High Blood Pressure

1- Garlic

It has been proved in many studies and research that garlic has the capabilities to reduce the cardiovascular diseases. In garlic there is a substance called allicin, it has anti-hypertension, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. In a study at Clinical Research Center of New Orleans, nine hypertension patients were given doses of garlic that contains 1.3% of allicin. They were found controlled high blood pressure after just 14 hours of the dose. Garlic is good if taken fresh than in some food.

2- Fish Oil

Current studies are showing that the fish oil is helpful in high blood pressure. Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids, this type of acid is lowering the blood pressure. Though, it has less effect on the blood pressure. To get good results quantity of omega 3 fatty acids should be increased. Further study is being made on to this. However, it is known that the fish oil is effective in reducing blood pressure.

3- Raw Almonds

Raw almonds help you to control your blood cholesterol level, in result it also reduce your blood pressure. Just eat few raw almonds everyday and it not only control your blood pressure but also give you protein essentials. In Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension Diet (DASH) almonds are the main element. Almonds are high in calorie and fat, but the same time it also help to reduce weight and develop lean muscles.

4- Chocolate / Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao is the great source of anti-inflammatory nutrients and flavonoids. Flavonoids is helpful in reducing your stress, thus helpful in reducing blood pressure. Also it helps to control the stress hormone level that is helpful in maintaining the blood circulation through body. Many studies have shown that the raw cacao controls the blood pressure and also saves from the heart diseases.

5- Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus is a plant found mainly in Africa, is used to prepare herbal tea. In a research, study made on 65 adults who have high blood pressure, shown that when they take Hibiscus tea three times in day their blood pressure reduces. Further more studies confirmed that hibiscus tea is effective in reducing the blood pressure levels.

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6- Coconut Water

In natural remedies to control high blood pressure coconut water is also effective. Coconut water contains potassium and electrolytes that is helpful in controlling the blood pressure levels. It has been seen that the people drinking coconut water reduces their high blood pressure. In a study conducted on people who have high blood pressure, given coconut water to drink and found reduction in their blood pressure levels.

7- Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the best known natural remedies that control blood pressure. Quality of turmeric is it helps our body cells to recover fast and decrease the inflammation. This is the main cause of hypertension or high blood pressure. Turmeric is considered as blood thinner, it clears the blood vessels and maintains the blood circulation throughout the body. Interruption in blood circulation is the main reason of hypertension.

8- Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is another best natural remedy to control high blood pressure. Same as turmeric it also clears the blood vessels by expanding it. That makes a good blood flow in the body. This is the natural way to reduce the blood pressure. Cayenne pepper can be taken with tea, honey or aloe vera. If it seems too spicy there are cayenne pepper capsules in the market, it can be good option to reduce the blood pressure naturally.

9- Tomatoes

Tomatoes are easily available to everyone, and many of us eat it, doesn’t matter that it is in yummy pizza. Lycopene is found in the tomatoes, which are helpful in reducing the blood pressure. Research shown that 25 mg of lycopene if you take in your diet can reduce your LDL cholesterol up to 10%. You can take tomato pure instead of soft drink in your lunch. This will help you to reduce your high blood pressure.

10- Basil

In the last, we have natural remedy that is delicious and handy to take in order to reduce high blood pressure. Basil extracts are helpful in controlling the hypertension problems. It is also helpful in reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Add fresh leaves of basil into your pasta and other dishes and stay healthy.

These are the 10 natural remedies to control high blood pressure. Include them in your diet. Try to consume these in their natural form if possible. Main reason of high blood pressure is unbalanced lifestyle and unhealthy eating. If you start eating healthy and take complete sleep hypertension will not have any reason to stay. Stay healthy – Stay happy.

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