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Staying healthy is not a big deal. You just have to decide what to do. For first few days you may have to pay special attention, but later a healthy habit becomes natural to you. Here I am sharing 10 healthy habits to include in your daily routine. These habits are simple and can be implemented without big hurdles.

If you are feeling that this is big change for you then you can start implementing these habits one by one. Once a habit becomes natural to you, choose another and make it natural. This way you can keep away your most of the recent or upcoming health problems.


1. Take Complete Sleep

Sleeping is as necessary as breath. Your body needs rest, without rest it will not function as it should be. You will have to sleep so that your body can do the maintenance task to repair and refresh. At the time of sleeping our body parts healed and repaired. If this healing is not done properly, next day they will not perform well.

Other body parts can even work without the sleep but the brain, eyes and heart needs proper sleep in order to function well. Though brain and heart does not completely stop while sleeping but they go on the standby mode. This make them relax. So it is very important for you to take 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

2. Take a Healthy Breakfast

Second healthy habit to include in your daily routine is to take healthy breakfast. Breakfast is so important because it is going to supply the energy full day. While sleeping you don’t eat anything for a long period. So it becomes very important to eat something healthy that can cover this gap and supply the energy to kick starts the day.

If you are scared of making breakfast in mornings, you can plan your quick breakfast in night. You can purchase whole grain breads, peanut butter, eggs and make them arranged so it becomes easy for you to make your breakfast. Check on the internet you will find many healthy breakfast recipes easy to cook.

3. Exercise or Play Everyday

Healthy Habits - Exercise Everyday

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Exercising make your body to release the unwanted sugars and calories. Also it stretches muscles, which is necessary to work effectively. Doctor recommends that not for one hour but at least 20 minutes is necessary to exercise.

You can rope jumping, pull-ups and pushups in this short period of time. You can also jog for some time and can walk on the grass in a nearby park. It will decrease the chances of diabetes and make your heart healthier. It will also reduce your stress level and make your mood up. Then why it is so hard to exercise for just 20 minutes a day?

4. Spend Time with your Loved Ones

Spending time with the people you love, make you happy from inside. This also improves your health. Spending just few time with your family and friends make your heart happy and healthy. It also improves concentration and reduces your stress level.

If you are staying away with your family then make some time at least in a week to meet them. Go outside with them, crack jokes and share your feelings. Their laughing face gives you peace from inside. No matter how busy you are, extract some time to spend with your friends. From now next time when your friends call you to hangout, say yes few times.

5. Go Outside

10 Healthy Habits - Go Outside

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Humans are not made to stay in only place. They need to go outside. If you are staying in your room all day, your mind becomes tired and slow. You will get some fresh oxygen and this will make your mind fresh.

In 10 healthy habits to include in your daily routine going outside is a habit that will help you most. You will not only feel fresh from inside but all your negative thoughts that were killing the productivity will be vanished from your mind. I am not saying to go far, just go to your nearby park, look at the playing children’s, flowers, and nature – feel them.

6. Eat Most Vegetables and Fruits

Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. This is very great habit to include in your daily routine. Vegetables and fruits reduces your blood pressure, decrease the chances of heart stroke. A rich diet in vegetables and fruits is helpful to reduce the cardiovascular disease, published in a Harvard Study.

Purchase different fruits and veggies, put them in your fridge. You can try different veggies in different day. You will get eating different dish every day.

7. Sit Less Stand More

This habit can be easily include in your daily routine. Always remember, when you are not doing something great or important, stand up and walk a little. This way you will make your blood circulation and spent some calories.

Sitting continuously makes your body to conserve the calories and store them as fat. This fat is the reason of most heart diseases. Someone comes to meet you at your desk. Stand up and talk to him. This way the person feels good and your body too.

8. Take Antibiotics only when you need

10 Healthy Habits - Take Antibiotics only when you need

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Taking antibiotics every time when you feel sick make your body resistance to it. And slowly your body needs high power of antibiotics to work against the bacteria. Remember not all the diseases caused by the bacteria, many caused by the viruses. So antibiotic is ineffective in these diseases.

In order in cold and flu don’t just take the antibiotic, first try some natural remedies. If they don’t work consult with the doctor. He is the one who knows when you need the antibiotic.

9. Stay Away from Problematic Peoples and Relationships

In our 10 healthy habits to include in your daily routine this is the most reasonable habit. People and relationships in your life are important. They are the one of the reason to stay in the world, but same time can be the reason to leave the world. Bad relationships and peoples are harmful. They will not only affect your body health but your soul too.

If a relationship is going bad and is not recoverable, end it. People, who are negative and make you feel low, remove them from your life.

10. Be Grateful

10 Healthy Habits - Be Grateful

The most important habit in all these 10 healthy habits to include in your daily routine is this one. Be grateful, to things you have, the people who loves you, the health you have. Being grateful is great method to stay positive. Negative energy will not touch you, if you will be thankful to all things. This habit will reduce your stress level and give you more such things for those you will be more thankful.

Say thank to your body, every part one by one. Say thank to the people around you. Count all your blessings.

These are 10 habits that will make you healthy and happy in life. Include these one by one in your daily life. You will feel that the word has changed for you. Everything that used to problematic is nowhere now.
Tell me your healthy habits in the comments. Likes and shares are appreciated.

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