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People who start going gym they want to see an effect from the day 1. A Newbie in the gym asked me that I am coming to the gym since 1 month but no effect, what to do? There are more people like him in the gym. They want to build body in just 1 month. They rush from one machine to another without concentrating on posture and pattern. Even if one follows correct posture he should not expect big changes in one month. In the first month of your gym, you should learn more about basics rather than concentrating on muscle building.

1 month in gym but no effect - what to do?

What changes should I Expect in the First Month of Gym?

In the first month of your exercising, you will build strength. Muscles fibres are inactive because you don’t use them. When you start training slowly these muscles fibre become active and you will gain more and more strength. Your muscles will hurt most in first two-week of your training. With weight lifting, you are breaking your muscles tissue that creates soreness. When you take rest muscles tissue gets rebuild. It comes back with more strength.

What should you do in your First Month of Gym?

In the first month of your gym, you should learn the basics of bodybuilding. Concentrate more on correct posture, reps and sets, learn about different machines. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, complete your protein need. Your muscles need them. Take proper rest, sleep at least 8-10 hours in a day. When you sleep your muscles gets stronger. Don’t start eating fast foods and high sugar foods in to build body fast. You will end up gaining fat.

How long does it take for visible effects?

In the first month, you will feel that you are gaining more strength. Now you can lift easily more weight. You will also feel less soreness in your muscles. The next 1 month is the time you will start finding the visible effect in your muscles. Overall you will need two months for visible effects in the gym. The effect can feel in the first month, but that is not visible. You will feel it from inside that you have more strength.

How to Increase the Muscle Building?

Eat – Train – Sleep. This is the 3 main blocks of bodybuilding. Eat a clean diet rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. Train like hell in the gym, don’t forget the correct posture. Sleep like a baby, sleep more when you get time. This is the great way to increase muscle building. The more complex term calorie surplus is used to build muscles fast.


In the first month of your gym, you will not see visible effects but yes you will feel it. You will find yourself stronger than earlier. You will recover from the muscle soreness because you were not using your whole muscle fibre earlier. At the end of first month of your gym, you will find that you can now lift more weight easily. You need 1 more month to see visible effects.

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